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This 9-credit, 4-week faculty-led program will immerse you in the historical, colonial and magical city of Queretaro, considered one of the Mexico’s hidden gems. Queretaro is very-well located and a safe city in the center of México, which attracts national and international businesses.

Queretaro is also a multicultural city with four UNESCO World Heritage sites. Queretaro is full of pedestrian streets that allow you to walk around and enjoy the multiple fountains, churches, museums, and monuments.

Besides, Queretaro is well-known for its cuisine and its affordable cost of living. During your free time, you will be able to engage with the local community (who will often go out of their way to help) and to connect with the bright and lively life of the city.

Our language school, Olé, is in the historical downtown of Queretaro and housing will be up to 15-20 mins walking-distance from the school. Students will stay with host families, double occupancy, and three meals a day (except Sundays). Students will be also able to stay in a private room for an extra free ($175).

Pre-requisite:  Students must have completed SPAN1002 (or SPAN1014) or have demonstrated equivalent preparation in Spanish.

What´s the cost of the program?

Program fee 2023: $2,870*

*Based on a rate for 20 students. This rate may may increase if there is lower enrollment.

Included in Program Fee:

-          Two full-time faculty with you during the whole program.                                                                -          Tuition and registration fee for language school in Mexico (2 classes taught by native-Mexican             speakers in small groups, 7-8 people).                                                                                      -          Homestay with families in shared bedroom. Private room available for an additional $175.        -          Three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), except Sundays. -                                              -          Access to the kitchen and laundry.                                                                                                      -          Walking city tour, orientation, and welcoming lunch.                                                                        -          Diploma and farewell party.                                                                                                                  -          Book and class materials.                                                                                                                    -          Field trips to Guanajuato, San Miguel Allende, Bernal and Teotihuacan, and cultural activities.    -          Airport transfers in Queretaro.                                                                                                            -          CISI insurance.

What is it not included in the program?

-          Tuition for SPAN3062 (3 credits - at your standard tuition rate).                                                      -          Roundtrip flight (approximately $850).                                                                                                -          MLTI3000 Study Abroad Fee ($200)                                                                                                    -          Passport application/renewal fee.                                                                                                        -          Personal spending.

**This program has been awarded a $800 UC International Scholarship (only degree-seeking students with a 2.0 GPA or higher) for 30 students.

**All students are eligible for grants from the Dept. of Romance and Arabic Languages and Literatures. For more information, contact the Directors of the Program.

Which courses will you take?

·         A language class taught by Olé (may be transferred as SPAN2015, SPAN2016, SPAN3001,                      SPAN3002, SPAN4001, SPAN4002).                                                                                                      ·         A culture class taught by Olé (transferred as SPAN3062: Study Tour to Mexico).                            ·         SPAN3025: Introduction to Modern Mexico, taught by UC full-time faculty.                                      ·         Students need to enroll in MLTI to transfer credits.

These courses let students expand their language skills and learn about other cultures, while satisfying the General Education Breadth of Knowledge requirements in areas such as Humanities and Literature; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; and Society, Culture, and Ethics.

How to apply?

For more information and the application link, please click here.

Contact information:

Dr. Juan A. Godoy-Peñas

Director of the Queretaro Study Abroad Program

Assistant Professor Educator in Spanish; Coordinator of SPAN2015-SPAN2016

Dept. of Romance and Arabic Languages and Literatures

University of Cincinnati

Office: 5267 Clifton Court Hall