Application Information

**GRE scores are NOT required**

THE DUE DATE FOR APPLICATIONS IS DECEMBER 5th. Please follow the following steps to apply:

1:  Go to the Graduate College webpage to enter the application portal.  

2:  We strongly encourage applications from individuals whose identities are underrepresented in psychology and academia more broadly (e.g., People of Color, LGBTQ+ community members). We are committed to creating an inclusive environment in our department, as well as in all areas of the discipline of psychology, and firmly believe a diversity of identities and experiences strengthens the discipline. Our faculty are acutely aware of the barriers that exist for historically under-represented groups in higher education in general, and at UC in particular. We are actively working to mitigate the impact of systemic injustices against and oppression of these groups in our program. 

3:  When applying, if you are interested in Clinical Training, you will be asked to indicate that. If you do not select clinical training, we assume you are applying to the Behavioral Science track.

4:  You will be asked to indicate specific faculty mentors with whom you are interested in working. Read about their specific research programs here. Select those whose research interest intersect with yours. Feel free to contact them directly if you have questions that will help you determine fit of your interest with theirs.

5:  Required materials

5.1:  Personal Statement

You may organize this statement in any manner you wish, but we suggest limiting your submission to 2-3 pages. It is strongly recommended that your personal statement includes a description of your research and academic experience, career interests, and reasons for pursuing doctoral training in our specific program. Applicants should also describe their perspectives on, contributions to, and experience with diversity in reference to the programmatic needs of the Psychology PhD program (see our Criteria for Admission Decisions) and to the mission and vision of the Psychology department.

5.2:  Letters of Recommendation

You are required to provide three letters of recommendation. The Graduate School portal includes a suggestion that you request additional letters of recommendation. Although submitting extra letters is permitted, these additional materials will not advantage you in our admissions process unless they provide important new information that is not available from the three required references.

*Applicants are encouraged to submit letters of recommendation from professors that focus on your academic achievements/skills and readiness for graduate coursework. However, we recognize that some applicants may have gaps in their academic history. Therefore, letters of recommendation from employers are also acceptable if the letter is personal to their experience with you and demonstrates skills relevant to the doctoral program such as: critical thinking, writing, decision making, analysis of data, learning capabilities, etc.

5.3:  CV

DO NOT upload the optional video that appears on the Graduate School portal. Our admissions committee will not review any videos in evaluating applications, so please ensure that any material you want to share with the program appears in your Personal Statement or CV.

You may read our Frequently Asked Questions here.  If you have further questions about your application, please contact the Director of Clinical Training at or the Director of Behavioral Science Training at or call the department at 513-556-5580.  

Thank you for your interest in our doctoral program. We look forward to reviewing your materials.

*Select applicants will be notified and invited to an Interview Day in February​*