Industrial Affiliates Program

The Department of Chemistry Industrial Affiliates Program was established to recognize industrial companies and government laboratories that provide support to the department. Its purpose is to foster a closer relationship between the Department of Chemistry and technical organizations both in the Cincinnati area and nationally. Membership is designed for organizations whose principal activities require the skill of chemists and/or depend upon chemistry.

The Industrial Affiliates Program recognizes corporate donors based upon their annual support for the Department of Chemistry. Gifts to the program are used to provide additional stipends to outstanding graduate students in the department, who are designated as Research Associates.

Each Industrial Affiliate organization will have a department faculty member as a liaison. The role of the liaison is to represent the affiliate organization within the university: aid members in locating faculty within the Department of Chemistry and throughout the University with special skills; provide assistance in finding technical consultants; aid in identifying candidates to fill positions at the member institution; identify faculty members who might present on-site seminars of interest to the member institution; and serve as a host for visits to campus by individual scientists from the affiliate organization.

Activities and Benefits to Industrial Affiliates Members

In addition to the benefits of having a designated faculty liaison to the Department of Chemistry, Industrial Affiliates will have available to them the following:

  • A day of meetings with pertinent faculty at the Department of Chemistry, organized by the designated faculty liaison, to discuss technical issues/problems of interest to the affiliate organization.
  • On-site seminars by department faculty, free of honorarium.
  • Use of department facilities (e.g., mass spectrometry, nmr, x-ray diffraction) at a reduced rate.
  • Preferred employer status for students, including resumes of graduating students upon request and aid in identifying appropriate candidates (at the BS, MS, and/or PhD level) for employment or summer internships.
  • Distribution of reprints of technical papers from the department in selected areas.
  • Free attendance each year for up to three representatives from the affiliate organization at the Ralph Oesper Award dinner in the fall.
  • Free on-site access to the collections and electronic resources of the University Libraries (including the Chemistry/Biology Library).

A prime objective of the Industrial Affiliates Program is to establish technical relationships between scientists at member organizations and departmental chemists in areas of mutual interest. Such relationships in the past have led to industrial support of departmental research, joint projects, and graduate research being carried out on site in a member organization's laboratory.

Another objective of the Industrial Affiliates Program is to facilitate the hiring of chemistry majors by member organizations, as either full-time employees or interns. The department has set up a formal internship program, whereby member organizations are assisted in selecting interns for the summer. These interns may then continue with the member organization on a part-time basis (usually about 12 hours/week) during the school year, either for pay or for academic credit. An Internship Coordinator within the department will work with member organizations to identify intern candidates and oversee part-time internships during the school year if these are done for academic credit.

Annual Meeting

Representatives from each Industrial Affiliate organization are invited to an annual meeting, at which they are updated on important events within the Department of Chemistry, meet the students who are supported by program funds, and hear about some of the research being conducted within the department. These meetings are an excellent opportunity for members to meet graduate students who may become candidates for future employment at their organizations.

Annual Support of the Department

The suggested donation for membership in the Industrial Affiliates Program is $6,000/year for companies with annual sales in excess of $50 million and $3,000/year for companies with sales less than $50 million annually. Support for the research of individual faculty members will also qualify companies for Industrial Affiliates Program membership.

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