Thinking About Applying to Grad School?

Our faculty run informational meetings every semester around midterms for students intending to apply to graduate school in Anthropology. Keep an eye out for announcement of the day and time! Below is an overview of some of the topics discussed. For students seeking to apply to the grad program in Anthropology here at UC, the following should be a helpful guide. For further information, please contact the Graduate Director, Dr. Jeffrey Jacobson, or individual faculty members that you are interested in working with.

Which DEPARTMENT? Use the AAA Guide and the WEB

  1. Subfield Specialization (what do you want to be?)
  2. Geography and National Rankings (AAA, SAA, NRC)
  3. First Choice(s) and Backups (how many?)
  4. Admission thresholds (GPA, GRE, number, faculty)
  5. Resources (faculty, UC alumni)

Which type of graduate program? Personal Goals and Program Requirements

  1. M.A.
  2. Ph.D.

Types of Financial Aid

  1. Fellowship: National -- NSF, Javits (DOE)
  2. Assistantship (tuition, stipend, general fee): TA, GA, RA
  3. Scholarship (tuition): in-state, out-of-state

Plan Ahead NOW!!

  1. The Academic Year vs. the Application Window;
  2. What You Will Need to Do:
    1. GREs (practice)
    2. Personal Statement (multiple drafts):
      1. Academic Background and Preparation at UC
      2. Interests: Topical and Geographic
      3. Why are you applying to University X?
      4. Issues of style and length.
    3. Letters of Recommendation:
      1. How Many?
      2. From whom ("face time")?
      3. Deadlines (advanced warning is crucial)
      4. What we need to write a letter (what's in it?)

Things to Think About

  1. Personal Financing ($$$ - who pays?)
  2. Personal Relationships (constraints)
  3. Personal Commitments (e.g., time)
  4. The Rest of Your Life

Departmental Resources

  1. Faculty Advising (where to go) and the "personal" touch (getting admitted)
  2. Electronic Resources: GRE and WEB access

What we can and can't control

  1. Can - Length (300 words) and Content of Letters of Recommendation
  2. Can't - GPA and GRE