Academic Advising

The Director of Undergraduate studies for the Anthropology and Archaeology programs is Dr. Stephanie Sadre-Orafai. She can be reached at Dr. Sadre-Orafai holds open office hours throughout the week to provide guidance to prospective and current majors and minors about course selection, progress towards graduation, field school and internship opportunities, and plans for after graduation (careers, graduate school). Students interested in meeting with Dr. Sadre-Orafai can either drop by during her open hours or contact her directly via email.

Academic advising in our Department is a two-step process:

  1. As soon as possible after declaring anthropology as their major, each student arranges to see the Director of Undergraduate Studies. This "getting acquainted" meeting is designed to determine how far along each student is in terms of satisfying departmental requirements, and what their options are for finishing the program in a timely fashion.

  2. Students who work closely with a full-time faculty member in the department may want to designate that professor as their primary advisor after meeting initially with the Director of Undergraduate Studies. If not, the Director of Undergraduate Studies will continue to serve as the student's primary advisor.

In either case, the Director of Undergraduate Studies is responsible for certifying to the College of Arts and Sciences that each student, after formally applying for graduation, has satisfied the requirements for majoring in anthropology.

Semester System Checklist

Semester conversion students should refer to their IAP and/or their semester conversion audit, and consult with the DUS (departmental advisor, Dr. Sadre-Orafai) with any questions.

Additional Advising Resources