Undergraduate Programs

Our programs provide the tools for students to build a sound foundation of knowledge in contemporary and classical fields of mathematics and statistics. Students will learn to develop their critical thinking and effective analytical communication, and to integrate the knowledge into a solid framework of mathematical understanding. 

Major in Mathematics

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers a major leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mathematics. In the first years, all majors take the same core courses. Once these introductory courses are completed, the student chooses one of two tracks: 

  • Mathematics, or 
  • Statistics/Actuarial Sciences

The major in mathematics under the BA degree program will be suitable for students interested in liberal arts, and the BS degree program will be suitable for students interested in more in-depth focus on mathematics. Learn about the required courses and credit hours.

Minor and Certificate in Mathematics

Choosing a math minor to pair with your major is a great way to enhance your course of study and set yourself apart in the job market once you graduate.

Students who are not in an undergraduate program – for example, non-matriculated students and graduate students – can complete a certificate in mathematics. The math certificate has the same credit hour and course requirements as the math minor. If you are interested in pursuing a certificate, visit this page to learn about the admission requirements. You will also need to contact the Undergraduate Program Director. Do this early to avoid delay in obtaining your certificate. 

BA/BS + MS (4+1) Program in Mathematical Sciences

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers the opportunity for students to complete both the BA or BS in Mathematical Sciences and the MS in either Mathematical Sciences or Statistics in a five-year period. Learn about the academic requirements and application instructions

Mathematics Education

Here are other degree programs in Mathematics at the University of Cincinnati in which you may be interested, offered by the College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services:

Scholarships and Awards

A&S Scholarships: If you are enrolled in an Arts & Sciences degree program, you may be eligible for A&S Scholarships. Visit their website to learn how to apply and to see the frequently asked questions. 

TAFT Summer Undergraduate Research Mentor-Mentee Award: The Taft Summer Undergraduate Research Mentor-Mentee Award Program allows Taft faculty, in conjunction with selected undergraduate students, to seek up to $4,000 in funding for undertaking research projects. It is designed to allow undergraduate students to work on their own research project with a faculty mentor and/or for undergraduate students to conduct research for a faculty member.

TAFT Undergraduate Enrichment: Taft-eligible undergraduate students engaged in research projects that will enhance their learning experience in their major field are eligible to receive up to $2,000 for any 24-month period. Eligible projects include but are not limited to research expenses, travel to a library, archives, museum, or conference, a language immersion program, or an organized field trip. Regardless of the activity, there must be a research component within the proposed project. Both individual and group applications are accepted. Awards are made on a competitive basis.

Internships and Experiential Learning

Internships: Majors/second majors who do well in their first two years of math at UC can seek a supervised internship with an approved employer for elective credit. 

Experience-Based Learning: Today, every UC student puts classroom knowledge to the test through experience-based learning opportunities. Visit the website to learn how you can get the experience.


Up-to-date information for current math/stats undergraduates is available on Canvas. Look for the “Math and Stat Undergraduates - Majors and Minors” community. If you are a math major or minor and don’t see this community course in Canvas, please contact the Undergraduate Program Director, Dr. Crystal Clough


Questions about our undergraduate programs? Contact the Undergraduate Program Director, Dr. Crystal Clough at crystal.clough@uc.edu