CCSP Fellows, Faculty, and Staff

CCSP Chair

Headshot of Richard J Harknett

Richard J Harknett

Director, SPIA


Faculty Fellows

Headshot of Albert W Klein

Albert W Klein

Doctor or Colonel


Headshot of Gregory Hal Winger

Gregory Hal Winger

Assistant Professor


Research Affiliate

Headshot of Scott A Petersen

Scott A Petersen

Exec Dir UC DF Cyber Development


Research Associate

Headshot of Jelena Vicic

Jelena Vicic

Predoctoral Fellow


Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Headshot of Michael Evan Loadenthal

Michael Evan Loadenthal

Research Fellow


Graduate CCSP (Political Science) Scholarship Awardee

Headshot of Lakisha Nicole Clinton

Lakisha Nicole Clinton

Graduate Research Assistants

Headshot of Nathan Bailleux

Nathan Bailleux

Graduate Assistant

Headshot of Ania Morgan Cosby

Ania Morgan Cosby

Graduate Assistant

Headshot of Jin kyung Lee

Jin kyung Lee

Graduate Assistant

Headshot of Mustafa Sagir

Mustafa Sagir

Graduate Assistant

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Headshot of Rebekah Jean-Cole Littlepage

Rebekah Jean-Cole Littlepage

Co-op Student

Motion Graphics Designer

Headshot of Kurtis A Rogers

Kurtis A Rogers

Work Study Student

Program Director

Headshot of Stephanie  Ellis

Stephanie Ellis

Program Director, Center for Cyber Strategy and Policy