CCSP Fellows, Faculty, and Staff

Chair, CCSP

Headshot of Richard J Harknett

Richard J Harknett

Director, SPIA


Faculty Fellows

Headshot of Albert W Klein

Albert W Klein

Doctor or Colonel


Headshot of Michael Evan Loadenthal

Michael Evan Loadenthal

Asst Professor - Research


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Gregory H. Winger

Assistant Professor


UC Research Affiliates

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Scott A Petersen

Exec Dir Defense Research Initiatives


External Research Affiliates

Igor Kovač research focuses on structure of the international system, its stability, security, and great power relations. Stressing the intersection between International Security and International Political Economy. One of his inquiries looks at digital currencies as a crucial threat to the contemporary US hegemony.

Curriculum Vitae

Jelena Vićić is a postdoctoral scholar at the University of California, San Diego at the Center for Peace and Security Studies (cPASS). Broadly, her research explores the interaction of technology and international conflict with focus on competition in and through cyberspace. Research areas of interest are cyber competition with focus on escalation, cyber-enabled influence operations, covert operations, strategy, and European politics. In her work, Dr. Vićić employs diverse methods including experimental methodology informed by wargaming, statistical modeling, and semantic network analysis (text as data). She holds a PhD in political science from the University of Cincinnati. 

Graduate Research Assistants

Headshot of Nathan Bailleux

Nathan Bailleux

Graduate Assistant

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Soumyadeep M Bidyanta

Graduate Assistant

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Billy M Douglas

Graduate Assistant

Headshot of Jin kyung Lee

Jin kyung Lee

Graduate Assistant

Headshot of Jonathan   Liu

Jonathan Liu

Ph.D. Student

Headshot of Lilly N Pace

Lilly N Pace

Graduate Assistant

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Headshot of Rebekah Jean-Cole Littlepage

Rebekah Jean-Cole Littlepage

Co-op Student

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Jacob Matthew Lesick

Student Worker

Motion Graphics Designer

Headshot of Anna C Mullinger

Anna C Mullinger

Co-op Student

Ohio-Persistent Cyber Improvement (O-PCI) Team

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Austin W Hodges

Graduate Assistant

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Joseph F Kale

Graduate Assistant

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Peter Konstanty Kobak

Assoc Dir Persist Cyber Improvement OPCI


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Amanda Joyce OMara

Cyber Training Program Coordinator OPCI


Program Director, CCSP

Headshot of Stephanie  Ellis

Stephanie Ellis

Program Director, Center for Cyber Strategy and Policy