Dr. Amy Townsend-Small and Sacha Brewer presenting their research

Dr. Amy Townsend-Small and Sacha Brewer (EVST-BS 2024) presented their research on Cincinnati gas streetlights at the Midwest Regional Climate Summit. Sacha served as Dr. Townsend-Small's research assistant, helping measure methane emissions from the lights.

Environmental Studies is a hands-on major, with opportunities to work in labs, on campus and off, as well as in the field, either at the UC Field Center or with any number of community partners.

Research is built into the Environmental Studies curriculum. Students have a wide range of opportunities to conduct research, during co-ops, through Internships, in advanced courses, or in partnership with research faculty.

In spring 2024, the Environmental Studies capstone students worked on community engaged service-learning projects with the City of Cincinnati Office of Environment and Sustainability. Students selected projects designed to help the city implement various priority actions of the Green Cincinnati Plan. 

Kelly Helton presenting her capstone

Kelly Helton (EVST-BS) presented her capstone research on the role of trees in reducing pollution along highways at the Midwest Regional Climate Summit. Kelly is the recipient of the Benchmark Scholarship, which will support her final semester of college in fall 2024.

Each year, students can present their work at the

UC Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase or at the Midwest Regional Climate Summit.