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Why is Cincinnati Geologically Significant?

Cincinnati has long been known for its extensive exposures of Late Ordovician shale and limestone formations that contain some of the richest invertebrate fossil preservation in North America. In addition, the Ohio River marks the southern margin of ice age glaciation, so the landscape around Cincinnati is a product of ice age events.

Geology of Cincinnati

by Professor J Barry Maynard

This section is a gateway to other pages and sites that provide abundant detail on the fascinating diversity of geology of the Tri-state area, including much information on geologic hazards.

Fun Information for Geologists and Amateur Geologists

  • A Geologist's Lifetime Field List Terry Acomb, a graduate of our department, has assembled a list of essential or desirable locations for geologists or travelers to visit. It contains many of the interesting geological wonders of the world.
  • Dry Dredgers (Club of amateur paleontologists)
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