Survey of Ohio's Working Families

The Survey of Ohio's Working Families initally began in March 1998, and contined in winter 1999, and winter 2000. In each wave, over 500 Ohio working parents responded to the survey, which asked about problems in balancing work and family obligations. The first survey examined Arlie Hochschild's controversial thesis that the rewards of work and family are now reversed, with people preferring to be at work rather than contending with their stressful family lives. The second survey asked about job-related stress, and spillover from family to work obligations. Findings from the SOWF have been used by academics, legislators, and the media. In addition to information about employment and working conditions, the surveys asked about spouse's employment, household composition and childcare arrangements, work-family benefits, and time use. Future surveys will examine the questions of non-standard work schedules, job-related stress, and contingent work arrangements.

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