Seminars and Events

For over 30 years, the Department of Sociology has run a biweekly Colloquium Series, the longest such series on the UC campus. The Colloquium Series features speakers from the department, from other related departments such as Anthropology, Criminal Justice, History, and Political Science, as well as a variety of regionally- and nationally-renowned universities. Since 2006, one session has been devoted to graduate student research. Students have presented their research in front of faculty, fellow students, and prospective students.  Additionally, the Colloquium Series includes a yearly visit from a nationally-renowned sociologist, sponsored by funds from the Charles Phelps Taft Research Center.

Fall 2019 Colloquium Series

All at 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m., Taft Research Center, Edwards 1, unless otherwise indicated.

September 13    Matthew Oware, Sociology, DePauw University

September 20    Julia Steinberg, Family Science, University of Maryland

October 4           Peter Rich, Policy Analysis and Management, Cornell University

October 18         Kunz Center Research Summit: Quantitative Approaches to Gentrification in the                             United States

October 25         Lyceum Graduate Student Colloquium

November 8       Richard Ocejo, Sociology, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

November 15    Maryann Erigha, Sociology and African American Studies, University of Georgia                              (Location: African American Cultural & Resource Center)  

Kunz Center Events

The Kunz Center for Social Research has a two-fold mission: 1) support Center faculty and student research, and 2) develop research-related relationships with community organizations. While the Center supports a wide range of research, its activities emphasize the areas of 1) Urban and Race, 2) Family and Gender, and 3) Health. The Center organizes workshops in these research areas, awards small grants for research activities, and provides staff support for the submission of grant proposals. The Center was established in 1989 and endowed in 1995 by a bequest in honor and memory of Margaret A. Kunz and her parents, Dr. John C. Kunz and Emma B. Kunz.

Recent Events:

Kunz Center Research Summit: Quantitative Approaches to Studying Gentrification in the United States 

October 18, 2019  9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Taft Research Center