Educator Faculty

Headshot of Denis G Conover

Denis G Conover

Educator-Professor, A&S Biological Sciences

6415 French Hall


Headshot of Will Clifford Hedderson

Will Clifford Hedderson

Asst Professor - Educator, A&S Biological Sciences

6418 French Hall


Headshot of Takuya Konishi

Takuya Konishi

Assoc Professor - Educator, A&S Biological Sciences

615C Rieveschl Hall


Vertebrate paleontology with research interests including evolution of fossil marine reptiles mosasaurs, marine trophic structures across North America during the Cretaceous inclusive of the Arctic Circle, and comparative analysis on morphofunctional traits among swimming tetrapods past and present. My research website here.
Headshot of LaSharon Mosley

LaSharon Mosley

Undergraduate Director, A&S Biological Sciences

603A Rieveschl Hall


Headshot of Brent Matthew Stoffer

Brent Matthew Stoffer

Assistant Professor Educator, A&S Biological Sciences

615-D Rieveschl Hall


Sexual selection, multimodal communication, plasticity in mate-choice decisions, effects of social environment
Headshot of Annette Stowasser

Annette Stowasser

Assistant Professor Educator
, A&S Biological Sciences

851 JD Rieveschl Hall


Visual systems, Image Formation, Physiology
Headshot of Maria Fernanda Torres

Maria Fernanda Torres

Assistant Professor Educator, A&S Biological Sciences

703N Rieveschl Hall


Plant and fungal functional genomics and transcriptomics; Cellular and molecular regulation of plant-pathogenic interactions; Comparative genomics; Plant sex-chromosome evolution
Headshot of Ilya Vilinsky

Ilya Vilinsky

Professor, Educator, A&S Biological Sciences

613B Rieveschl Hall