Friends of Judaic Studies

Shalom! We are in the midst of a milestone year for the Department of Judaic Studies. The department is fortunate to have the support of not only their alumni, but also community leaders and friends in the Jewish community. Thanks to a wonderful gift from Kim and Gary Heiman, I am happy to share with you the Judaic Studies department has launched the comprehensive and interdisciplinary Center for Jewish Cultures and Ideas, housed within the Department of Judaic Studies at the College of Arts & Sciences. It is our hope that with a new Center, Judaic Studies will be able to house more scholars, increase dialogue with Israel, promote Jewish culture and diversity, and serve more UC students than ever before. UC is certainly on the way to becoming a destination for outstanding Jewish learning at the university level! Some of the exciting programming the Center is working on includes:

  • Increasing the number of Judaic Studies faculty, affiliates, visiting faculty and students.
    • The department has already added a tenure track faculty member, twelve adjuncts and twelve affiliate faculty. Students enrolled in Judaic Studies courses have increased by over 1,000 and the number of majors has doubled.
  • Increasing the number of courses in Judaic Studies available to all UC students and to the community.
    • Judaic Studies recently created a service/experiential learning track and a new Hebrew Certificate program in conjunction with the Hebrew Union College is in progress.
  • Creating opportunities for Judaic Studies students to work and study abroad.
    • Two undergraduate students are currently studying at universities in Israel.
  • Scholars-in-residence offering lectures to the public.
    • The department has collaborated with the Hebrew Union College, The American Jewish Archives, and with Jewish high schools in town and offered numerous free lectures in the community.

Henry and I are proud to be a part of such a robust department on the upward trajectory. We hope you will join us in supporting Jewish learning, transformative thinking and engaged leadership at the University of Cincinnati by making a donation to the Department of Judaic Studies. Your gift will directly support programs that will help preserve our culture and heritage, provide grants to students traveling to Israel, fund research and programs on Jewish life for the community, and help non-Jewish students gain an understanding and appreciation for our wonderful Jewish culture and heritage. Join with our honored donors and make your gift today!

Toda raba for being a Friend of Judaic Studies, and for supporting the excellent work of the students and faculty in UC's Department of Judaic Studies. We are proud to count on powerful allies like you, and hope you will help us build on our success.

Bea Winkler


Bea Winkler
President, Friends
of Judaic Studies