About the Master's Program

The University of Cincinnati offers a comprehensive Master of Arts degree in Anthropology, which includes preparation in archaeology, cultural anthropology, and biological anthropology. The Department of Anthropology has a strong tradition of graduate training at the Master's level with diverse opportunities for graduate student involvement in research in and near Cincinnati and abroad.

The MA is a professional program that provides graduate training in the concepts, research skills, and knowledge base of anthropology. An MA degree provides preparation for application to a PhD program in Anthropology (not offered at UC). The PhD is required for a career in academic research and four-year college teaching, and for many nonacademic positions at the professional level. The MA degree in anthropology may also be appropriate preparation for further study in such fields as law, medicine, or business, where the student expects to work in a multicultural or international environment. Students who have completed their education at the MA level have found employment in cultural resource management (archaeology), museums, education, and related public service fields.