PhD Program Tracks & Emphasis Areas

Our PhD program in Psychology has two broad tracks: Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Science. Within each of these tracks, students select an area of emphasis. These areas include but are not limited to: Child and adolescent/pediatric psychology, General clinical psychology, Health psychology, Modern couples and family, Community health, Neuropsychology, Cognition, action, & perception, Community & Organizational Psychology. 

We acknowledge that these descriptors are still quite general. As an applicant, the best way to learn about areas of research emphasis in the Psychology Department is to read the bios of the core faculty in the Clinical track (Epstein, Jacquez, Jastrowski-Mano, Mano, Mitchell, Shear, Stough, Wade, and Whitton) and Behavioral Science tracks (Tony Chemero, Peter Chiu, Sarah Cummins-Sebree, Tehran Davis, Jonh (Jay) Holden, Heidi Kloos, Tamara Lorenz, Kevin Shockley, Paula Silva, Dieter Vanderelst, Jacquez, Dutt, Furst-Holloway, Chrobot-Mason, and Trott). During your application, you will be requested to indicate preferred mentors: indicate those whose research emphasis matches your interest!