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Here is a collection of documents indended to guide UC Geography Graduate Students through their graduate program careers:

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Graduate students in the Geography Department have number of research and participation opportunities

Graduate Students

Headshot of Basheer Obaid Alshammari

Basheer Obaid Alshammari

Student Worker , PS Public Safety Night Ride Services

Degree program: PhD-ABD
Adviser: South
Committee members: South, Dunning, Raleigh, Kim, VomHofe.
Research interests: Tourism Geography.
Dissertation topic: Outbound tourism of Saudi Arabia
Program begin term: 11A

MA, Imam University Riyadh, 2008 (Tourism geography)

Poster Presentations

Basheer Alshammari (04-04-2015. )International tourism from the Middle East .Chicago, IL. .Conference. .Level:National

Paper Presentations

Basheer Alshammari (03-29-2016. )Trends and patterns of Saudi outbound tourism .Conference. Level:National

Headshot of Rachel   Byrd

Rachel Byrd

Graduate Assistant , A&S Geography Students

Degree Program: M.A.
Advisor: Cuadros
Research interests: Health, Economic, and Urban Geography
Headshot of Joshua Luke Conver

Joshua Luke Conver

Degree Program: PhD
Advisor: Nicholas P. Dunning
Committee Members: Beck, Raleigh, Tong, D. Swann (NPS)
Research interests: Spatial ecology, fire modeling, integrated GIS
Dissertation topic: The response of saguaro cactus growth rate and demography to climate in three physiographic settings within Saguaro National Park

Bachelor of Arts, University of Arizona Tucson, Arizona, 2008 (Geography; Political Science)

Master of Science, University of Arizona Tucson, Arizona, 2011 (Natural Resources - Fire Ecology)

Peer Reviewed Publications

Conver, JL, T. Foley, D.E. Winkler, & D.E. Swann (2017. )Demographic changes over >70 yr in a population of saguaro cacti (Carnegiea gigantea) in the northern Sonoran Desert .Journal of Arid Environments, ,139 ,41-48

Winkler, D.E., J.L. Conver, T.E. Huxman, and D.E. Swann (2018. )The interaction of drought and habitat explain space-time patterns of establishment of the saguaro cactus (Carnegiea gigantea).Ecology, ,99 (3 ),621-631

Conver, J.L., D.A. Falk, S.R. Yool, and R.R. Parmenter (2018. )Modeling fire pathways in montane grassland-forest ecotones in the Valles Caldera National Preserve, New Mexico, USA .Fire Ecology, ,14 (1 ),17-32

Other Publications

Conver, J.L. (2011. )Stochastic Fire Modeling of a Montane Grassland-Forest Landscape in the Valles Caldera National Preserve, New Mexico, USA. MS Thesis, University of Arizona

Technical Reports

Swann, D., J.Conver, D. Winkler, C. Harper (2018. )Climate Change and the Saguaro Cactus: Saguaro National Park .Natural Resource Report NPS/SAGU/NRR - 2018/1583,

Poster Presentations

Conver, J.L. (04-2017. )Long Term Growth and Establishment Patterns of Saguaro Cacti at Saguaro National Park .American Association of Geographers, Boston, MA. .Conference. .

Conver, J.L. and D.A. Falk (11-2016. )Modeling Fire Pathways in a Montane Grassland Forest Landscape .Southwest Association for Fire Ecology, Tucson, Arizona. .

Paper Presentations

Conver, J.L. (04-2018. )Deviations from the Predicted Growth Rate for Saguaro Cacti in the Rocky and Non-Rocky Habitats of Saguaro National Park .New Orleans, LA. Conference.


Geography Graduate Student Organization President Type:Service to Student Groups Level:Department 08-2017 -05-2018

Positions and Work Experience

05-2012 -08-2016 Biological Research Technician, National Park Service, Saguaro National Park

Research and Practice Interests

Spatial ecology, fire modeling, Sonoran Desert, saguaro cactus, dry conifer forests, dendrochronology

Contact Information

Academic - 401 Braunstein Hall
University of Cincinnati
Ohio, 45221

Headshot of Andres Mauricio Hernandez

Andres Mauricio Hernandez

Graduate Assistant , A&S Geography Students

Degree program: PhD
Advisor: Dr. Cuadros
Committee members: Changjoo Kim,  Diego Cuadros, Lin Liu,  Hongxing Liu, Rainer vom Hofe
Research Interests: GIS, spatial analysis, travel behaviors, health
GA assignment: TA

Master of Science, University of Pittsbugh Pittsburgh, USA, 2014 (Biomedical Informatics)

Project Management, Universidad EAN Bogotá D.C., 2011 (Project management for IT)

Electronic engineering , Universidad Javeriana Bogota D.C., 2009 (Electronics and IT)