College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research

Probe questions surrounding quantum field theory, investigate the healthcare experiences of marginalized populations in the community, or conduct field research to understand habitat shifts among insect populations.

Opportunities for cutting-edge research are available throughout the College of Arts and Sciences, in almost every undergraduate program, where you can work side by side with internationally renowned professors while you earn course credit.

Whether your academics are concentrated in a science-related field, such as chemistry or physics; a social science, such as communication or political science; or in the humanities, there are nearly as many research opportunities as there are fields of study. Capstone, Honors and UC Forward classes usually include research components.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

College of Arts & Sciences Divisional Deans

Are you interested in finding out more about research opportunities for A&S undergraduate students? Please contact the Associate Dean in your academic area:

Headshot of Jay Twomey

Jay Twomey

Interim Divisional Dean, Humanities

Headshot of Ryan White

Ryan White

Divisional Dean, Natural Sciences

Headshot of Rina WIlliams

Rina WIlliams

Divisional Dean, Social Sciences

Undergraduate Research Awards

Each year, the accomplishments of undergraduate researchers and their mentors throughout the university are celebrated with awards for outstanding scholarship and service.

Undergraduate Research Showcase

Undergraduates may participate in a scholarly showcase where hundreds of students from colleges across the university share findings, inventions, discoveries and outcomes from research in areas from sociology to the sciences. 

Honor a Project Advisor

Celebrate your project advisor for supporting your scholarly development with a nomination for the Excellence in Scholarly Mentoring Award. Award recipients will be recognized during the Opening Remarks of the Undergraduate Research Showcase.