Boyce Award Winners

2023-24 Winners

Julia Carlson, Associate Professor, Literary and Cultural Studies 

Alecia Beymer, Educator Assitant Professor, Composition and Creative Writing

Joseph Ozias, Graduate Instructor

Mike Yetter, Adjunct InstructorReplace with your text

2022-23 Winners 

Aditi Machado, Associate Professor, Poetry 

Teresa Cook, Associate Professor, Educator, Professional Writing 

David Schwartz, Graduate Instructor 

Bryan Williams, Adjunct Instructor 

2021-22 Winners

Gary Lee Vaughn,  Associate Professor, Rhetoric and Composition

Mary Leech,  Educator Assistant Professor, Literary and Cultural Studies

Laura Wilson,  Associate Professor, Educator, Professional Writing

Claire Kortyna, Graduate Instructor

Alex Evans, Adjunct Instructor

2020-21 Winners

Tamar Heller, Associate Professor, Literary and Cultural Studies

Felicia Zamora, Assistant Professor, Poetry 

Lisa Ampleman, Managing Editor, The Cincinnati Review

Nicolas Molbert, Graduate Instructor

Paige Webb, Graduate Instructor

2019-20 Winners

Philip Tsang, Professor, Literary and Cultural Studies

Cheli Reutter, Associate Professor, Educator, LCS & Medical Humanities

Rhiannon Scharnhorst, Graduate Instructor

2018-19 Winners

Michael Hennessey, Assistant Professor, Educator

Caitlyn Doyle, Graduate Instructor

Emily Rose Cole, Graduate Instructor

Emily Heiden, Graduate Instructor (Honorable Mention)

2017-18 Winners

Kathy Rentz, Professor, Professional Writing

Joyce Malek, Professor, Educator, Rhetoric and Composition

Cheli Reutter, Associate Professor, Educator, LCS & Medical Humanities

Dustin Fisher, Graduate Instructor, Literature and Cultural Studies

Christopher Collins, Graduate Instructor, Creative Nonfiction

2016-17 Winners

Antoinette Larkin, Associate Professor, Professional Writing

Leah Stewart, Professor, Creative Writing

Laura Wilson, Associate Professor, Educator, Professional Writing

Daniel Floyd, Graduate Instructor, Rhetoric and Composition

2015-16 Winners

Ronald Hundemer, Educator/Associate Professor, English

Rebecca Lindenberg, Visiting Professor, Creative Writing Poetry

Ian Golding, Graduate Instructor, Rhetoric and Composition

2014-15 Winners

Kelly Blewett, Graduate Instructor, Rhetoric & Composition

John Drury, Professor, Creative Writing Poetry

Mike Hennessey, Educator Instructor, Creative Writing Poetry

Jim Schiff, Associate Professor, Literary Studies

2013-14 Winners

Lora Arduser, Assistant Professor, Professional Writing

Lisa Beckelhimer, Educator Professor, English Composition

Allison Carr, Graduate Instructor, Rhetoric & Composition

Laura Micciche, Associate Professor, Rhetoric & Composition

2012-13 Winners

Alli Hammond, Educator Associate Professor, English Composition

Trish Thomas Henley, Assistant Professor, Literary Studies

Laura Wilson, Educator Assistant Professor, Professional Writing