Undergraduate Programs

The mission of the undergraduate programs in the School of Public and International Affairs is to equip students with advanced understanding of politics, both nationally and globally. The program empowers students to develop, combine, and apply the vital skills of critical thinking, written and oral communication, and rigorous methodology with knowledge of normative and analytic theories to examine the fundamentals of politics and study core public issues. The school’s undergraduate programs foster the highest professional standards in pursuit of new discoveries needed for success in academic and non-academic careers and provide the foundation and motivation for advanced thinking, problem solving and engaged citizenship in our local and global communities.

Bachelor Degrees



3 + 3 Program

Eligible students can complete their undergraduate degree and law degree in just six years. This advanced track allows students to save on tuition costs over time and get a head start on their law career.  For further information, please email SPIA-UG@uc.edu.  

What is International Affairs?
UC applies interdisciplinary, global approaches to policy-making, foreign relations major
- UC News, by Erinn Sweet