Biological Sciences

As the only life science department on the UC West Campus, the Department of Biological Sciences is dedicated to achieving excellence in graduate training and undergraduate instruction. UC is designated by the Carnegie Foundation as a research intensive institution, and, accordingly, we offer the disciplinary breadth necessary for undergraduate education and the disciplinary specialization necessary for comprehensive graduate education and training. Graduate students pursue both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. 

Our faculty and students conduct cutting-edge research to further our understanding of the natural world and seek applications in fields spanning all of biology, from molecular and cell to animal behavior and conservation. Our emerging research strengths are organized into three research foci: Sensory Biology & Behavior (SBB)Ecology, Evolution & Conservation (EEC); and Molecular Biology, Genetics, & Physiology (MBGP)

Our undergraduate curriculum provides a rigorous introduction to biology for students from many programs, and our upper level curriculum offers advanced training and specialization through course work and formative research experiences. Undergraduates pursue BS and BA degrees, and we also offer a new 4+1 program that enables students to earn a BS and a non-research MS degree in 5 years.

Mailing address:
  Department of Biological Sciences
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Departmental office:
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  Phone: (513) 556-9700
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