Old Math Placement Test Information

Since March 2022, math course placement is now determined by results on the ALEKS Placement, Preparation and Learning (ALEKS PPL) Assessment. For more information on and a link to access ALEKS PPL, please visit this Office of Advising and Academic Services' webpage

This page has information about the Math Placement Test (MPT) used prior to March 2022. 



The Mathematics Placement Test is used to identify the mathematics courses at UC for each incoming student based on prerequisite math skills. It plays no role in admission to UC. Registration in most entry-level mathematics and statistics courses, as well as courses in many other disciplines, are restricted to students who have obtained a required minimum score. The other qualifying scores are advised but not required.


The Math Placement Test is a computer-based test taken before your orientation. It is designed to be taken without the use of calculators or other aids. It consists of multiple choice and numerical answer questions that are presented to you one at a time.

The selection of each new question is determined by your response to the previous question, so students with different levels of preparation will see different kinds of questions. Once the program determines your level of mathematical preparation, it displays your score on your monitor. You should keep a record of that score. It indicates the math courses at UC that are appropriate for a person with your skill level, and it will be made available to your advisor to guide you during registration. 

You may re-take the test once, but see the FAQ for restrictions.

Instructions for Students

The mathematics placement test is administered through the Internet directly in your browser. You will need pencil and paper to work out your answers.

  • Open the page https://mathplacement.uc.edu/ in a web browser. (Fill in the location and hit Enter key).
  • International Students with no M-numbers can access the test using their Application Number. These students need to use access page https://mathplacement.uc.edu/intl.htm.
  • Domestic Students with no M-numbers can access the test using some other unique identifier, such as telephone number. These students need to use access page https://mathplacement.uc.edu/noMnumbers.htm (A link is now provided from the main access page).
  • Fill out all information in the order indicated.
    1. Fill in Student Information: Name, ID# (M-number) (Do not leave blanks!)
    2. Fill in Access Code: 805 (expires after an hour)
    3. Select the college you have been accepted to.
    4. Click Continue
  • Inspect the data on the confirmation page, and make corrections if necessary.
  • Click Start Test.
  • Answer the questions one at a time until the test is complete.
  • Print and keep a record of your score