Research & Scholarship


  • Astrophysics/Astronomy

    Use powerful techniques such as infrared spectroscopy and spatial resolution imagery and some of the strongest telescopes ever made to analyze young stellar systems, comets and planet-building disk systems. Read more

  • Particle Theory

    Explore the fundamental laws of nature by investigating questions surrounding quantum field theory, superstring theory, particle astrophysics, dark matter and dark energy, and more. Read more

  • Particle Experiment

    Collaborate on experiments with institutions around the world while studying the fundamental particles of matter and their interactions at subatomic distance scales. Read more

  • Condensed Matter Experiment

    Conduct challenging research across a broad spectrum of areas -- semiconductor organic multilayers, hybrid organic/inorganic nanosystems and more -- to further the microscopic understanding of exciton dynamics and to improve combinations of organic and inorganic compound properties. Read more

  • Condensed Matter Theory

    Study the macroscopic and mesoscopic properties of matter by using the laws of microscopic physics to predict the collective and structural properties of large numbers of particles, which can exhibit complex phenomena and emergent behaviors. Read more

  • Physics Education Research

    Engage in research on the impact of research-based pedagogies and curriculum on student learning and retention in the introductory physics courses, including the use of an online learning environment.  Investigate conditions and curricular activities that promote student development of transferable scientific reasoning abilities. Read more