Political Science : Gender and Multicultural Politics


Why study Political Science : Gender and Multicultural Politics?

Political science is the study of politics and government, both in the United States and around the globe, investigating theories, behavior, and institutions. The concentration in Gender and Multicultural Politics will facilitate crucial understandings about the furtherance of and the barriers to democracy, peace, development, sustainability, human rights, and social justice within and across polities. Political science majors develop strong research and analytical skills, while exploring topics such as the philosophies on which governments have been founded, the ways in which citizens affect and are affected by their governments, and relationships within the international community. For further information visit the School of Public and International Affairs webpage.

During your sophomore year, this major will allow you to opt into a co-op track. The optional co-op track provides an opportunity for you to engage in compensated, career-oriented experiences and reflect upon and integrate those experiences as a part of your undergraduate degree. Engaging in multiple meaningful career-related experiences prior to graduation provides you with an opportunity to develop transferable skills and gain a competitive edge as you prepare for life after graduation.  Please visit UC’s Co-op information for further details.

Admission Requirements

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Political science majors develop the strong analytical skills necessary for interpreting and evaluating evidence and arguments that can be applied in a variety of professional settings. 

Political science majors research a broad range of domestic and international social, political, cultural, and economic issues. Students learn how to conduct independent research. They engage in in-class discussions, evaluate the relevancy of different arguments, and apply their professional skills to solve theoretical and real-world problems. Through in-class discussion and hands-on experiential learning opportunities, students work with our award-winning faculty to study and evaluate theory, policy, and action. These unique experiences make them strong candidates for employment in government, private businesses, and the non-profit sector. 

A number of courses in the Gender and Multicultural Politics Concentration are cross-listed with Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and/or count for such certificates as International Human Rights, so students could use the concentration to complete other credentials, including preparing for graduate work in Political Science, whether at the doctoral level where students can concentrate in Feminist Comparative and International Politics or in the social justice-oriented Masters in Public Administration program.

Like students who graduate with other liberal arts majors, graduates with a BA in political science with concentration in gender and multicultural studies are prepared for many different career options.

Many political science majors use their degree to establish careers in:

  • state, local and federal government
  • private sector
  • non-governmental sector
  • non-profit
  • party politics
  • education
  • journalism and public relations
  • law
  • public policy
  • related disciplines

Majors also pursue graduate degrees in political science, becoming attorneys, consultants, lobbyists, leaders in private and public corporations, professors and researchers in colleges and universities.

Students minoring in political science must complete a total of 21 hours with no less than a 2.0 grade point average.

I. Three Introductory Courses (9 hours from the following):

  • POL 1001 – Power and Politics: Understanding the Political World
  • POL 1010 - Introduction to American Politics
  • POL 1040 - Introduction to Political Theory
  • POL 1060 - Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • POL 1080 - Introduction to International Relations
  • POL 1090 – Law, Politics and Society

II. Four Upper-Level Courses (12 hours in Political Science at the 2000-level and above)

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The College of Arts and Sciences provides advising to all A&S students to advance each individual student’s educational goals and plans.  Further A&S information can be found here.

For further information, please contact the SPIA program director, whose name and information appear on this page.

The School of Public and International Affairs faculty provide advising about course content, specific program requirements, professional opportunities, and post-baccalaureate education.  Faculty advisors and office hours are provided on the SPIA website.

University of Cincinnati 3 + 3 Law School Admissions

This major welcomes eligible students who would like to earn a bachelor’s degree and a UC law degree in just six years, saving a year of tuition and time over the traditional path to becoming a lawyer. Students will receive careful advising to complete their major and A&S core degree requirements in 3 years. More information is available here.

College of Arts and Sciences

Students in UC's College of Arts and Sciences enjoy many benefits afforded through study at a research-intensive institution ranked among the nation's top 25 public research universities. UC's urban, Tristate location offers exciting opportunities for global education, research and service learning, while its student-centered focus includes an 11:1 student-faculty ratio, a nationally recognized Center for Exploratory Studies and a highly successful First Year Experience program that teaches critical skills for first-year students and provides connections with important campus resources.


Students in this program can participate in the optional co-op track and gain valuable work experience while they are still in school. To fulfill the requirements of this track, students are prepared to participate in a competitive search process to complete at least two co-op experiences.?Participation in the co-op track will be noted on students’ transcripts. 

Political science majors benefit from the active research mission of the School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA), including not only faculty scholarship but also a vibrant graduate program, both of which enhance the learning environment for undergraduates. In conjunction with the political science major, SPIA administers certificate programs in security studies (international and homeland security) and international human rights. The school also enjoys long-standing research excellence in political behavior, public opinion polling, survey research and other areas of American politics.

Political science majors belong to the Political Science Student Association and the undergraduate chapters of the national law fraternity Phi Alpha Delta and the national honor society in political science Pi Sigma Alpha. They participate actively in the Model United Nations Club, Mock Trial, Pre-Law club, the Alexander Hamilton Society and other organizations on campus.

Students are also eligible to apply for grants for research and travel from The Charles Phelps Taft Research Center.

Special programs include honors, independent study, internships, credit for approved field projects in the metropolitan area and competitive congressional internships in Washington, D.C.

To graduate from the UC College of Arts and Sciences, students must:

  • Earn at least 120 credits. This can include transfer credit, AP credit and free electives, but does not include preparatory coursework. Students who have met all other degree requirements must continue earning credit until the total number of their earned hours comes to at least 120.
  • Attain a 2.0 grade point average for all courses taken at the University of Cincinnati.
  • Be in good academic standing, that is, not on either academic probation or disciplinary probation or suspension.
  • Complete the residency requirement by earning at least 30 credits after matriculating into the university.
  • Complete all of the requirements of at least one major (see major requirements above).
  • Complete the College Core Requirements.
  • Submit an application for graduation to the registrar's office by their posted deadline.

Admission to A&S is generally available for any off-campus student who was admissible directly from high school and has a cumulative 2.0 GPA and a 2.0 in the most recent institution.

Students who were not admissible directly from high school must have:

  • 24 semester (36 quarter) hours earned
  • at least a cumulative 2.0 GPA and a 2.0 at most recent institution

University transfer scholarships are available to those who meet specific requirements and ANY admitted A&S transfer student might qualify for an A&S transfer scholarship. Deadlines and eligibility criteria are online via the previous links.

For any inquiries please contact us at artsci@ucmail.uc.edu.

For more information, visit the Transfer and Transition Advising Center

Transfer students should apply using our transfer student online application

Transfer Articulation Agreements & Pathways 

UC has developed clear pathways (articulation agreements) between select associate degrees at partner institutions and compatible bachelor’s degrees at UC. Each pathway includes a Transfer Degree Map that offers a semester-by-semester course comparison to assist with your transfer planning.

The following institutions have Transfer Degree Maps or this major: 

  • Cincinnati State Technical & Community College

Admission to A&S is generally available for any on-campus student who was admissible directly from high school and has a cumulative 2.0 GPA.

Students who were not admissible directly from high school must have:

  • 24 semester (36 quarter) hours earned
  • at least a cumulative 2.0 GPA

International students should visit the Undergraduate Admissions for International Students page for more information.

Application Deadlines

While midyear admission is possible, fall semester is generally the best time to enter the college, since many course sequences begin in that semester. Applicants to the UC College of Arts and Sciences who are enrolled or who were previously enrolled as degree-seeking students in A&S or in other UC colleges should apply for admission directly to A&S (in French West, 2nd Floor). All other applicants who wish to earn an undergraduate degree from A&S should apply through the Office of Admissions (3rd Floor, University Pavilion).

The University of Cincinnati and all regional campuses are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Contact Information

Dr. Alexander Thurston
Room 5114A Clifton Court Hall
2800 Clifton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0375
(513) 556-3320

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