Cyber Visualizations

The Center for Cyber Strategy and Policy (CCSP) creates educational visualizations that illustrate complex cyber theories and strategic activities occurring in cyberspace. 

The motion graphics are produced through collaboration with the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) co-op students and CCSP faculty and graduate students.

Educators can request CCSP cyber visualizations for use in their classrooms.  To gain access to the videos, please email CCSP your title, institutional affiliation, an indication of intended use, and the name of the videos you require.

Data Breach: A Campaign in the Cyber Strategic Environment

Cyber Heist: A campaign in the Cyber Strategic Environment

Cyber Persistence Part 1

Dynamics of Cyber Persistence Part 2

SolarWinds: Background to a Cyber Campaign

Cyber Campaigns v Espionage: The SolarWinds Example

Cyber Campaigns v Hacking