A&S Leadership

Office of the Dean

Headshot of James Mack

James Mack

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

155B Arts & Sciences Hall (ML 0367)

  • Responsible for the overall achievement of the college mission
  • Foster faculty and student research, and promote collaborative endeavors
  • Manage the college's full range of operations, including strategic, programmatic, financial and fiscal
  • Develop and execute an effective strategy for college fundraising
  • Corresponds with faculty, staff, students, alumni and administration; across departments; within the university; and throughout the community at large
  • Supervises, appoints, and reviews all assistant and associate deans
Headshot of Jay Twomey

Jay Twomey

Interim Divisional Dean, Humanities

I am the Divisional Dean for the Humanities and a Professor of English. Most of my work involves supporting the Departments of Asian, East European, and German Studies (AEGS); Classics; English; History; Judaic Studies; Philosophy; and Romance and Arabic Languages and Literatures (RALL).  In addition, I am the A&S Dean’s Office representative to the Taft Research Center, and I serve on a number of College committees, including the Instructional Innovation Advisory Committee (iiAC) and Undergraduate Council.  I also work closely with UC Libraries to support research and learning among A&S faculty and students.  I am a scholar of biblical reception studies with teaching interests in the Bible as literature, world literature, and literary theory.
Headshot of Margaret Hanson

Margaret Hanson

Divisional Dean, Natural Sciences

I am the Divisional Dean of Natural Science, which comprises Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Geology, Geography, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Physics, and Psychology.  I work with the dean’s office to help carry out the vision of the college and provide support for the departments and units within the natural sciences division.  This includes reappointment/tenure, enrollment management, adjunct budgets, hiring plans, and personnel issues, among others.  I work on cross-divisional projects such as IT needs, grant supported research and Centers of Excellence advisory board.  I serve as a liaison to the Office of Research, Cincinnati Innovation District and the Provost’s office on polices, initiatives and opportunities for students, faculty and staff in the Natural Science division.
Headshot of Littisha A. Bates

Littisha A. Bates

Associate Dean for Inclusive Excellence and Community Partnerships

  • Leads the college in our effort to be a leader in equity and inclusion
  • Establishes and supports college-wide equity and inclusion policies impacting students, staff, faculty and our community.
  • Oversees the implementation of college wide equity and inclusion policies
  • Acts as the college’s liaison for diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives
  • Cultivates community partnerships
  • Coordinates the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP)
  • Manages human resources function to ensure that the college has an appropriate and diverse workforce, including oversight of organizational development; position planning; recruitment and hiring; training and staff development; and evaluation.
Headshot of Tondra Holt

Tondra Holt

Associate to the Dean

155 Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-5858

  • Preparation and delivery of faculty offer letters
  • College Administrator for the eRPT dossier system
  • Oversight of Dean’s Office college records
  • College-wide event planning and meeting coordination

Student Services

Headshot of Allison Logan

Allison Logan

Assistant Dean, Declared Student Advising & Center for Exploratory Studies

2624 French Hall West

(513) 556-6538

  • Provides vision, leadership and direction for the College of Arts & Sciences Declared Advising unit and the Center for Exploratory Studies
  • Oversees all the College of Arts & Sciences Advising functions and supervises a team of 17 professional advisors
  • Represents and Advocates for all Arts and Sciences advising needs in University Committees
Headshot of Carol Tonge Mack

Carol Tonge Mack

Assistant Dean of Academic Services

2126 French Hall West

(513) 556-6541

  • Provides vision, leadership and direction for the College of Arts & Sciences Recruitment, Retention and Enrollment Managment
  • Student Retention and Success
  • Students At-risk: Academic Alert and Probationary Students
  • College Conduct Administrator---Academic Misconduct for undergraduate students
  • College Liaison: GEN-1 Theme House
  • Architect and Facilitator: Award-winning Cultural Competence Workshops for faculty and staff
  • Advisor: Cariba Caribbean Student Organization

Student Recruitment

Headshot of LaDreka Karikari

LaDreka Karikari

Director, Undergraduate Recruitment, College of Arts & Sciences

2142 French Hall


  • Leadership and vision in the development of undergraduate recruitment initiatives
  • Create, direct and coordinate college-wide undergraduate recruitment activities

Business Office

Headshot of Kati Elfers

Kati Elfers

Senior Business Officer

114B Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-5854

  • Long-range Financial Planning
  • Oversee day to day business operations
  • Space and Facilities Planning
  • Supervise the budget support staff in the college and oversee all business and financial matters for the college. 
  • Serve as a member of the Dean’s cabinet to advise the Dean and his leadership team on the management of all college finances and related matters
  • Manage the college budget submission process including budget formulation
  • Oversee (PBB) Performance Based Budgeting  and the associated impact on the college
  • Create proforma financial statements for new college ventures
  • Develop navigational budget reports to aide in forecasting
  • Assist the dean , faculty, and staff in the development of entrepreneurial and revenue-generating activities
  • Provide advice and technical assistance to the Dean and department Heads on cost analysis, funds allocation, and budget preparation and management
  • Work with the dean to develop and recommend financial and administrative policies and procedures that will help strengthen the college finances
  •  Development of Departmental PBB reports
  • Partner with the Dean, Department Heads and the Provost office in helping us strengthen the financial position of the college


Headshot of Paul Print

Paul Print

Executive Director of Development

(513) 558-4723

  • Chief development officer for the college
  • Plan and execute fundraising activities for A&S
  • Assist departments on fundraising efforts
  • Manage A&S Foundation staff