R. Marshall Wilson Mass Spectrometry Facility

The R. Marshall Wilson Mass Spectrometry Facility at the University of Cincinnati is a fully functional organic and biological mass spectrometry laboratory. We handle all types of samples with two major exceptions, UC proteomic samples are handled through the UC Proteomics Laboratory and samples requiring Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) mass spectrometry are directed to another Rieveschl Laboratory located at UC. We welcome and service all customers whether within the University of Cincinnati (any school or department) or outside the University (both academic and industrial customers); we have customers from many parts of the United States. We handle non-routine analyses involving both identifications and quantitation. We have experience in small molecule identification, pharmacokinetics, lipids, metabolomics, organometallics, surfactants, polymer characterization, and proteomics to name a few.

The R. Marshall Wilson Mass Spectrometry Facility is one of three laboratories that comprise the Rieveschl Laboratories for Mass Spectrometry. The other two laboratories are the Landero Research Group involved with trace elemental analysis using ICP/MS and the Limbach Research Group involved with the structural investigation of RNA, characterization of ribonucleoprotein complexes, and identification of posttranscriptionally modified nucleosides in RNA. Our facility is also one of the two primary centers for the State of Ohio Mass Spectrometry Consortium with the other center residing at Ohio State University. We are the "point-lab" for also outside inquiries and will happily redirect your request to the appropriate lab if necessary.