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Susan E Allen

Assistant Professor , A&S Anthropology

458 Braunstein Hall



Ph.D., Boston University (Archaeology)

M.A., Bryn Mawr College (Aegean Prehistory)

Research Support

2002 -2005 Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research $15,027.00. Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, "A Living Landscape: Palaeoethnobotanical Research at the Bronze and Iron Age Site of Sovjan, Albania." Grant #6987. 06/01/2002 - 12/31/2005. Role:Co-PI.

2006 -2007 Fulbright Foundation. Fulbright Scholar Award (Lecturing / Research), Tirana University, Tirana, Albania Agricultural Origins in the Southeastern Balkans. Institute of Archaeology, Tirana and University of Tirana (Albania). 9/1/2006 - 2/1/2007. Role:PI $15,000

2015 -2015 Charles P. Taft Research Center, University of Cincinnati. $2,750.00. Piecing Together Pots of Early Farmers in Southern Europe, ca. 6,500 B.C. 2/1/15-8/31/15. Role:PI

2009 -2015 National Science Foundation. $191,806.00. Wetlands and the Transition to Agriculture in Europe: The Southern Albania Neolithic Archaeological Project. Grant # BCS-0917960. Role:PI

2018 -2019 Charles P. Taft Research Center. Taft Center Fellowship for AY 2018-19 for "Out of the Mire of the Past: Reviving Cultural Narratives from a Vanished Wetland Landscape in Southern Albania."

2014 -2017 Wenner-Gren Foundation. $23,750.00. "Seeds of Complexity: Archaeobotanical Perspectives on State Formation in Southern Greece." Post PhD Fieldwork Grant and Osmundsen Initiative Grant. Role:PI

05-01-2006 -12-31-2010 Packard Humanities Institute. $22,697.00. Southern Albania Neolithic Archaeological Project: An Interdisciplinary Investigation of the Transition to Agriculture in Southern Albania. Grant # 06-1366. Role:PI

Abbreviated Publications
Book Chapter

In press. Allen, S.E.  "Water Management in Ancient Greece and the Mediterranean." in Water and Humanity, Historical Overview (History of Water and Civilization Book Series), edited by Fekri A. Hassan and Vernon L. Scarborough. Paris: UNESCO.

2018. Galaty, M., L. Bejko, S. Deska, R. Yerkes, S. Allen, and R. Bolus. Landscape Archaeology in Northern Albania: Results of the 2014 Field Season of the Projekti Arkeologjik i Shkodrës (PASH). In Landcape in Southeastern Europe. Studies on Southeastern Europe, Vol. 21. L. Mirošević, G. Zaro, M. Katić and D. Birt, eds. Zurich: Verlag. 

2014. Allen, S.E., I. Gjipali, P. Karkanas, A. Gardeisen, G. Piquès, R. Ruka, G. Tsartsidou, and E. Ruzi. New Light on the Early Neolithic Period in Albania: The Southern Albania Neolithic Archaeological Project (SANAP), 2006-2013. Pp. 107-119 in  L. Perzhita, I. Gjipali, G. Hoxha, and B. Muka, eds., Proceedings of the International Congress of Albanian Archaeological Studies. Tirana: Center for Albanian Studies, Institute of Archaeology.

2013. Gjipali, I. and S. Allen. "Investigations on the Early Neolithic Period in Albania: Vashtëmi." In I. Gjipali, L. Perzhita, and B. Muka, eds., Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Albania, pp. 22-25. Tirana: Centre for Albanian Studies, Institute of Archaeology.

2002. Allen, S.E. "Yarmukian Palaeoethnobotany: Preliminary Results." pp. 236 – 246 in Sha’ar Hagolan: Neolithic Art in Context, edited by Y. Garfinkel and M. Miller. Oxford: Oxbow.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Under revision. Cosmopoulos, M.C., S.E. Allen, D. Riebe, D. Ruscillo, M. Liston, and C. Shelton. The Chronology of Mycenaean States: New Accelerator Mass Spectrometry 14C Dates from Iklaina. Journal of Archaeological Science Reports

In review. Allen, S.E. Context and contents: distinguishingvariation in archaeobotanical assemblage formation processes at Early Fistikli Höyük, Turkey. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany. 

In press. Allen, S.E. "The Floristic Environment of Sovjan." Chapter 4 in Touchais, G., P. Lera, and C. Oberweiler, eds., Sovjan, Volume I: L'Environment. Athens: École française d'Athènes.

In press. Allen, S.E. and K.M. Forste. Archaeobotanical Remains from Mycenaean Tsoungiza. Ch. 14 in Mycenaean Tsoungiza, J.C. Wright and M. Dabney, eds. Princeton: American School of Classical Studies at Athens. 

Accepted. Dabney, M.K., S.E. Allen, P. Halstead, A. Kugler, A. Papathanasiou, and J.C. Wright. The Neolithic Settlement on Tsoungiza at Ancient Nemea. Hesperia. 

2018. Allen, S.E. Second Impressions: Expanding the range of cereals from Early Neolithic Franchthi Cave, Greece. Ethnobiology Letters 9(2):189-196. 

2017Allen, S.E. Cultivating Identities: Landscape Production Among Early Farmers in the Southern Balkans. In M. Gori and M. Ivanova, eds., Balkan Dialogues: Negotiating Identity in the Prehistoric Balkans. Routledge.

2013. Allen, S.E. "Archaeobotany." In Galaty, M.L., Z. Tafilica, C.T. Fisher, W.E. Lee, A. Gyucha, R. Schon, Chapter 10, Grunas, pp. 223-227. In Light and Shadow: Isolation and Interaction in the Shala Valley of Northern Albania. UCLA: Cotsen Institute of Archaeology. 2014 SAA Scholarly Book Award Winner.

2013. I. Gjipali and S. Allen. Vashtëmi. Iliria XXXVI (2012): 363-370.

2011. Hansen, Julie M. and Susan E. Allen. "The Palaeoethnobotany of Early Helladic Tsoungiza." in Early Bronze Age Village on Tsoungiza Hill, edited by Daniel Pullen. Princeton, NJ: American School of Classical Studies.

2005. E. Panagopoulou, C. Runnels, P. Murray, S. Allen, K. Mullen, and E. Tourloukis. "The Mesolithic Survey in the Kandia Region (Argolid)." Arkhaiologika Analekta ex Athenon 35-38: 23-36.

2005. C. Runnels, E. Panagopoulou, P. Murray, G. Tsartidou, S. Allen, K. Mullen, and E. Tourloukis.  "A Mesolithic Landscape in Greece: Testing a Site Location Model in Kandia (Argolid)." Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology 18: 259-295.

2004. G. Touchais, P. Lera, O. Décavallas, E. Fouache, J. Rénard, S. Allen, and B. Szepertysky. "Travaux menés en collaboration avec L'École française d'Athènes en 2002. Sovjan (Albanie)." Bulletin de Correspondance Hellénique 127(2): 578-609.

2003. S. Pollock, R. Bernbeck, S.E. Allen, A.G. Castro Gessner, S. Kielt Costello, R. Costello, M. Foree, M.Y. Gleba, M. Goodwin, S. Lepinski, C. Nakamura, and S. Niebuhr. "The Biography of an Early Halaf Village." Istanbuler Mitteilungen 53(9-77).

2001. P. Lera, G. Touchais, P. Lera, L. Astruc, O. Décavallas, A. Gardeisen, G. Kourtessi-Phillipakis, J. Rénard, S. Allen, and B. Szepertysky. "Travaux menés en collaboration avec L'École française d'Athènes en 2000. Sovjan (Albanie)." Bulletin de Correspondance Hellénique 125(2): 716-730.

Invited Presentations

2012. Susan E. Allen and Ilir Gjipali (04-20-2012. )Wetlands and the Transition to Agriculture in Europe: The 2010 Southern Albania Neolithic Archaeological Project (SANAP) Excavations at Vashtëmi. For the Organized Session,"Recent Trends in Albanian Archaeology: A Decade in Review," organiz