Kunz Center for Social Research

The Kunz Center for Social Research, housed in the Department of Sociology, has a two-fold mission: 1) support Center faculty and student research, and 2) develop research-related relationships with community organizations. While the Center supports a wide range of research, its activities emphasize the areas of 1) Urban and Race, 2) Family and Gender, and 3) Health. The Center organizes workshops in these research areas, awards small grants for research activities, and provides staff support for the submission of grant proposals.

The Center was established in 1989 and endowed in 1995 by a bequest in honor and memory of Margaret A. Kunz and her parents, Dr. John C. Kunz and Emma B. Kunz. Since that time, the Center has enhanced research among Sociology Department faculty and graduate students, the University of Cincinnati, and broader Cincinnati community.


Faculty and students affiliated with the Kunz Center for Social Research conduct research on a wide range of social issues. The Center's vision is interdisciplinary, focusing on the Sociology Department faculty's research areas. Three research groups hold workshops to discuss research in progress. Workshops are open to faculty and graduate students in and outside the department. 

Recent Events

Kunz Center Research Summit: Quantitative Approaches to Gentrification in the United States

For more information: Please visit kunzcenter.worldpress.com or email kunzcenter@uc.edu.

Research with Community Organizations

The Kunz Center for Social Research has also conducted contract research for government agencies and businesses in southwest Ohio. Affiliates of the Kunz Center have expertise in evaluation research, research design, needs assessment, public opinion polling, focus groups, interviewing, statistical analyses, demographic analyses, and technical writing. If the Kunz Center can assist your organization with your research needs, please contact us.