Inclusive Calendar

The College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to continue our Inclusive Calendar. The A&S Inclusive Calendar  version 2.0 encompasses the 2023-24 UC Fiscal year.

This calendar is intended to highlight holidays, holy days, celebrations and remembrances from all over the world so that we can mark and embrace the moments that matter to each of us. 

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Inclusive Calendar: Online Edition

Untitled design - 5

This month marks: HIV/AIDS AwarenessSeasonal Depression Awareness & Universal Human Rights.

*Observed evening of 12/7 - evening of 12/15
**Observed 12/26-1/1/2024

This month marks: American HeartBlack History, Ethnic Equality, National Cancer Prevention & Senior Independence.

*Observed evening of 2/1 - evening of 2/2 **Observed evening of 2/6-evening of 2/7

This month marks: ALS AwarenessAsian American and Pacific Islander HeritageHaitian HeritageJewish American HeritageMental Health Awareness & Older Americans.

*Observed evening of 4/20 - evening of 5/2
**Observed evening of 5/5 - evening of 5/6
***Observed evening of 5/22 - evening of 5/23
****Observed evening 5/27 - evening of 5/28

Untitled design - 11

This month marks: Alzheimer’s and Brain AwarenessBlack MusicCaribbean American Heritage & LGBTQIAA+ Pride.

*Observed evening of 6/11 - evening of 6/13
**Observed evening of 6/14 - evening of 6/19
***Observed 6/16 - 6/19

This month marks: French-American Heritage & South Asian Heritage.


*Observed evening of 7/7 - evening of 7/8 **Observed evening of 7/8 - evening of 7/9 


Look for Volume 3 late Spring 2024. 

Don't see your celebration?

Let us know so we can include it in Vol. 3, submit your celebration today!