Inclusive Calendar

The College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to continue our Inclusive Calendar. The A&S Inclusive Calendar will be shifting from Calendar year to UC Fiscal year, to accomidate this shift we have decided to release version 1.5., with version 2 being released later this spring.

This calendar is intended to highlight holidays, holy days, celebrations and remembrances from all over the world so that we can mark and embrace the moments that matter to each of us. 

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Inclusive Calendar: Online Edition

January is Cervican Cancer Awareness Month, National Blood Donor Month, National Mentoring MonthPoverty in America Awareness Month, and Slavery & Human Trafficking Awareness Month

February is Black History Month and American Heart Month, National Cancer Prevention Month and Senior Independence Month

*Observed evening of 2/1 - evening 2/2
**Observed evening of 2/5 - evening of 2/6
***Observed evening of 2/17 - evening 2/18
****Multi-day festival

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness MonthEthnic Equality MonthGender Equality Month, Greek-American Heritage MonthIrish-American Heritage MonthNational Colon Cancer Awareness MonthNational Kidney MonthNational Multiple Sclerosis Awareness and Education Month, and National Women’s History Month.

*Observed evening of 3/6 - evening of 3/7
**2-day festival
***Observed evening of 3/21 - evening of 3/22
****Observed evening of 3/23 - evening 4/21

April is Arab-American Heritage MonthAutism Awareness MonthCelebrate Diversity MonthEarth MonthNational Child Abuse Prevention Month, and National Volunteer Month.

*Observed evening of 4/16 - evening of 4/13
**Observed evening of 4/17 - evening of 4/18
***Observed evening of 4/20 - evening of 5/2
****Observed evening of 3/23 - evening 4/21
*****Observed evening of 4/21 - evening of 4/22

May is Mental Health Awareness MonthOlder Americans MonthJewish American Heritage MonthAsian American and Pacific Islander Heritage MonthALS Awareness MonthHaitian Heritage Month, and Indian Heritage Month.

*Observed evening of 4/20 - evening of 5/2
**Observed evening of 5/23 - evening of 5/24
***Observed evening of 5/25 - evening 5/27
****Observed evening 5/28 - evening of 5/29

June Calendar Graphic

June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness MonthBlack Music MonthCaribbean American Heritage Month, and LGBTQIAA+ Pride Month.

*Observed evening of 6/26 - evening of 7/1
**Observed evening of 6/28 - evening of 6/29

July is French-American Heritage Month.

*Observed evening of 6/26 - evening of 7/1
**Observed evening of  7/18 - evening of 7/19
***Observed evening of 7/26 - evening of 7/27

Look for Volume 2 late Spring 2023. 

Looking for Volume 1, you can download Volume 1 here.

Don't see your celebration?

Let us know so we can include it in Vol. 2, submit your celebration today!