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Journomentary is the department's real-world collaboration in telling stories about important events in the development of American media and society. But it is much more. The Journomentary unit fosters links between professional and academic perspectives on journalism and media across national contexts. Journomentary's projects feature UC faculty and student personnel working with industry professionals on documentary-style films, conducting academic research on issues at the heart of the journalistic enterprise, and heightening public understanding of our shared world. We list feature projects below.

Everything has a history. Local TV news is no different. Before Al Primo, if you wanted to see TV reporters in action, you had to go to the newsroom and lay eyes on them. That all changed in 1965 with Primo's singular TV news innovation: Eyewitness News. Beginning in March 2024, Journomentary presents an interview series detailing Primo's impact on TV news in all its forms, and featuring Al Primo himself, along with other Eyewitness News personnel. Mr. Primo's insights on the state of TV news and his advice for young and aspiring journalists are as first-rate today as they were five decades ago. Journomentary has also completed its full length documentary telling the story of Mr. Primo’s development of Eyewitness News.

Al Primo Documentary Trailer

Al Primo & His Eyewitness News Revolution

In August 2023, WABC-TV New York, the nation’s most-watched local television station and the flagship of the Eyewitness News format, celebrated its 75th anniversary. The station featured some of Journomentary’s interview material in its commemoration.