Research and Internships

There are all kinds of opportunities in our department to participate or even do research and to acquire hands-on skills through internships. In addition to the opportunities listed below, many faculty have research opportunities on their own projects, so be sure to ask around.

For more information please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies Dr. Stephanie Sadre-Orafai.

Research Opportunities

Funding for Research Opportunities


Students who have an internship that is related to anthropology can receive formal academic credit for this experience by enrolling in an appropriate-designated course (e.g. ANTH 5020). To receive credit, all internships must first be approved by a faculty member in the anthropology department.

There are many possible internships for students in the anthropology program. For example, students have recently completed internships at:

  • The Cincinnati Museum Center
  • National Geographic
  • The History Channel
  • The Discovery Channel

Other possibilities include the Cincinnati Zoo, Hamilton County Parks, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and local environmental engineering or cultural resources management firms.

We encourage students to contact faculty members directly to learn more about opportunities for internships and the process of obtaining academic credit.