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Geography Graduates

Geography Graduates
  Year Student Title Advisor
1. 1931 Wachs, William C. The Atlas Lands Case
2. 1938 Collier, James E. Topographic and Soil Factors in Kentucky's Agriculture Case
3. 1948 Lantis, David W. Settlement of Alaska-Past, Present, Future  
4. 1950 Jackson, Joan H. Erie Island Mural, A Geographic Case Study of the U.S. Islands in Lake Erie Case
5. 1953 Blane, John P. An Historical Geography of the Amur-Ussuri Region of the U.S.S.R. Coulter
6. 1956 Schaleman, Harry J. The Sand and Gravel Industry of the Cincinnati Area Coulter
7. 1956 Welsh, Gerald M. Space and Water for Industry in Mill Creek Valley, Cincinnati Wolf
8. 1960 Dawley, Richard L. Functional Areal Organization of Local Government (M.A.S.S.) Wolf
9. 1960 Gilbert, William W. A Comparative Analysis of Land Use Patterns in the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area: 1950-1960, an Exploratory Examination of Expansion in a Major Metropolitan Area Nash
10. 1960 Russley, Charlene K. Population Changes in the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area: 1950-1960 Nash
11. 1962 Ball, Mary S. Future Developments in the Utilization of Agricultural Resources in Ghana (M.A.S.S.) Wolf
12. 1962 Corey, Kenneth E. A Geographic Analysis of An Urban Renewal Area: A Case Study of the Avondale-Corryville Conservation Project (Ohio R-6), Cincinnati, Ohio Nash
13. 1962 Fonden, Carl G. Soviet Geographic Theory Nash
14. 1962 McKinley, William E. A Central Place Analysis of Three Centers in Southwest Ohio Carol
15. 1962 Niehaus, John C. Accessibility as a Factor in the Development of a Remote Portion of A Case Study of Western Hamilton County, Ohio Nash & Howe
16. 1962 Wiester, Charles W. The Relationship of Municipal Services to Demographic Changes: An Exploratory Analysis Based on Selected Municipal Activities and Their Redistribution Between 1950 and 1960 in the City of Cincinnati Nash
17. 1963 Baulch, DeeWitt M. Contribution of Meteorological Analysis to Land Use Planning for Air Pollution Control Cooper
18. 1964 Conger, Thomas A. Mount Adams, Cincinnati, Ohio; An Intra-Urban Regional Test Corey
19. 1964 Harper, William The Large Old Single Family House (LOSFH), A House Type Study in Cincinnati, Ohio Hoover
20. 1964 Murray, Charles W., Jr. Evaluation of Alternative Storm Drainage Plans Howe
21. 1964 Pasierb, Robert S. A Geographic Analysis of Cincinnati's Labor Shed Beyond the SMSA Wolf
22. 1964 Rothhaas, Ralph W. Location of the Aluminum Industry in the Ohio Valley Roder
23. 1964 Stevens, J. Minard Unique Responsibilities of the Planner Resulting From the Regional Setting Howe
24. 1964 Williams, James A. An Analysis of Recent Industrial Expansion in the Upper Mill Creek Valley: A Study Investigating the Significance of Factors Influencing Industrial Location Cooper
      Ph.D. Dissertation  
1. 1964 Wachs, William C. Historical Geography of Medieval Church Architecture Nash‑McNee
      M.A. Thesis  
25. 1965 Ben-Chorin, Adina Nahariya, Israel: A Case Study of the Relationship of Form & Function McNee‑Hoover
26. 1965 Farmer, Francis A., III. Geographic Dispersion of Relocates from Clearance Areas within Cincinnati Wolf
27. 1965 Greenburg, Arthur The Bluegrass Tobacco Barn and the Physiographic Subdivisions of the Kentucky Bluegrass: A Case Study in Areal Association Corey
28. 1965 Gross, Robert Gaylord Planning for a Metropolitan Library System with Hamilton County, Ohio as a Case Study Wolf
29. 1965 Halvorson, Peter L. The Economic Structure and Development of an Urban Landscape Corey
30. 1965 Homenuck, P. Henry M. Historical Geography of the Cincinnati Pork Industry: 1810-1883 Corey
31. 1965 Pagels, Virginia A. The Effect of Sovietization on the Economic Geography of Latvia Cooper
32. 1966 Craig, Jeff
33. 1966 Crowley, William K. Market-Orientation at the Micro-scale: Case Studies of the Schoenling and George Wiedemann Brewing Companies Stafford
34. 1966 d'Aquin, Gerard E. Market and Raw Materials as Factors Affecting the Distribution of the Portland Cement Industry in the United States Stafford
35. 1966 Hagner, Charles P., III Movement of Dry Groceries in Cincinnati Stafford
36. 1966 Sonntag, Dorothy A Preliminary Study of the Spatial Distribution of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Southern Ohio Cooper
37. 1967 Oehm, Peter F. The Air Passenger Hinterland of Cincinnati, Ohio McNee
38. 1967 Lee, Yuk The Urban Land-Use Slope-Zone Map of Cincinnati and a Sample Analysis Cooper
39. 1967 Hultquist, John F. An Analysis of the Process of Population Growth and Decline of Small Urban Places Over Time: A Markov Chain Analysis Approach Mounfield
1967 Brannen, Nancy L. The Spatial Pattern of Enrollment at The University of Cincinnati: A Case Study Concerning Factors Influencing the Sphere of Influence of a Large University Mounfield
41. 1967 Mitchell, James K. Resource Perception: The Appraisal of Land Value in Crosby Township Cooper
42. 1967 Demko, Donald The Hierarchy of Central Places in the Blue Grass Region of Kentucky Mounfield
43. 1968 Angus, John Ferris Migration to the Periphery of a Metropolis: Union Township, Clermont County Ohio as a Case Study Wolf
44. 1968 Clayton, Christopher Human Perception of the Rural and Urban Environments Ames
45. 1968 Cowen, Joel B. An Employment Model of Urban Population Growth as Applied to the Cincinnati, Ohio Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area McNee & Stafford
46. 1968 Cunningham, Wm. C. A Test of the Urban Growth Threshold Theory on Cincinnati Carter
47. 1968 Demetriades, John D. Geographical Dimensions of the "Sense of Belonging" in Three Cincinnati Communities Ryan
48. 1968 Hoffman, Louden C. A Case Study of Commercial Strip Development: The Warsaw-Glenway Commercial Strip, Cincinnati, Ohio Ames
49. 1968 Neale, Charles A. A Hypothesis about the Relationship Between the Socio-Economic Status of Census Tracts and the Distributional Characteristics of Retail Grocery Outlets in those Tracts Ryan
1968 Price, Robert D.,Jr. The Analysis of the Intra-Urban Migration of Manufacturing Establishments in Hamilton County: 1949-67 Stafford
51. 1968 Von Bokern, Thomas R. A Microclimatic Study of a Valley in Mt. Airy Forest Cooper
52. 1969 Caprio, Raphael A Centrographical Analysis of Sub-standard Housing Population Distribution Ryan
53. 1969 Cohen, George L. An Analysis of the Development of the Locational Pattern of Drive-In Restaurants in the Cincinnati Area Hebert
54. 1969 Patterson, William Heat Budget Variations in Greater Cincinnati Bach
      Ph.D. Dissertation  
2. 1969 Corey, Kenneth E. A Spatial Analysis of Urban Houses McNee
3. 1969 Homenuck, Peter Institutional Spatial Organization: Case Study of the United Steelworkers of America 1936-1966 McNee
      Ph.D. Dissertation  
4. 1970 Halvorson, Peter The Journey to Work As A Factor in the Residential Behavior of the Labor Force: Charleston, W. Va., 1967 Stafford
      M.A. Thesis  
54. 1970 Barlow, I. Maxton Changes in the Spatial Distribution of Towns in Urban Systems: Some Theoretical Considerations and an Empirical Study Involving the Application of Entropy to Settlement Pattern Analysis Roder
55. 1970 Benn, Michael The Spatial Structure of Economic Development Ames
56. 1970 Cooper, G. Michael The Socio-Economic Spatial Structure of Cincinnati: 1950-1960 Corey
57. 1970 Kithcart, Phillip An Historical Analysis of the Highway Network, North Carolina, 1770-1970 Hebert
58. 1970 Larson, Robert C. An Analysis of the Distribution of Education Levels Within the City Hebert
59. 1970 Litzelman, David J. The Location of High Status Residential Areas in Cincinnati, Ohio: 1892-1910 Ryan
60. 1970 McNeal, Alvin R. The Occurrence of Storefront Churches in Cincinnati, Ohio Roder
61. 1970 Monson, Magnus A Graph Theory Delimitation of the Urban Nodal Hierarchy of the Birmingham, Alabama, Economic Region Stafford
62. 1970 Raeon, Frank An Analysis of the Distribution and Characteristics of the Mobile Home Population of Clermont Co., Ohio Wolf
      Ph.D. Dissertation  
5. 1971 Marchioni, Michael Economic Development & Settlements Patterns in the Flood Plain of the Upper Ohio Valley with Special Reference Given to Flood Damage Reach 11 Ryan
6. 1971 Thompson, Alton C. A Multivariate Analysis of the Distributions of Selected Retail Activities at the Intraurban Scale Roder