Tenure-Track Faculty

Headshot of Joshua B Benoit

Joshua B Benoit

Professor, A&S Biological Sciences

711D Rieveschl Hall


Insect stress tolerance, hormonal regulation of metabolism, reproductive physiology, molecular physiology, transcriptomics, insect-microbe interactions and vector biology
Headshot of Daniel R Buchholz

Daniel R Buchholz

Professor, A&S Biological Sciences

711A Rieveschl Hall


Role of hormones in development and evolution, frog metamorphosis, comparative endocrinology

Lab website: https://letfrogshelpman.wixsite.com/thefroglab
Headshot of Elke K. Buschbeck

Elke K. Buschbeck

Professor, A&S Biological Sciences

800Q Rieveschl Hall


Please see: http://buschbecklab.com for more information
SBBE, Evolution and development of arthropod visual systems: Neuroethology, insect neurobiology, physiology, optics, behavior, molecular biology, evolution
Headshot of Theresa Culley

Theresa Culley

Professor, A&S Biological Sciences

703 Rieveschl Hall


See https://culleylab.com for more information. Topics: Plant population biology and genetics, especially of invasive and endangered species; integrative taxonomy; evolution of breeding systems, especially cleistogamy and dioecy; ecological and genetic effects of habitat fragmentation.
Headshot of Ronald W. Debry

Ronald W. Debry

Associate Professor
Graduate Director
, A&S Biological Sciences

711I Rieveschl Hall


Headshot of Kathleen Elizabeth Grogan

Kathleen Elizabeth Grogan

Assistant Professor, A&S Anthropology

Braunstein Hall


Headshot of Josh B Gross

Josh B Gross

Professor, A&S Biological Sciences

711B Rieveschl Hall


ECBR, SBBE, Evolution and development of vertebrates; Evolutionary genetics of natural populations; Cave biology; Genetic basis for phenotypic changes; Mexican cave tetra, Astyanax mexicanus
Headshot of Patrick Anthony Guerra

Patrick Anthony Guerra

Assistant Professor, A&S Biological Sciences

422QC Rieveschl Hall


Headshot of Elizabeth A Hobson

Elizabeth A Hobson

Assistant Professor, A&S Biological Sciences

Rieveschl Hall


Please visit http://hobsonresearch.com for more information
Headshot of Bruce C Jayne

Bruce C Jayne

Professor, A&S Biological Sciences

851T Rieveschl Hall


Headshot of Brian Kinkle

Brian Kinkle


Headshot of Noelia Marina Lander

Noelia Marina Lander

Assistant Professor, A&S Biological Sciences

422QD Rieveschl Hall


Research topics: Molecular Parasitology, trypanosomes, Trypanosoma cruzi, Chagas disease, cell signaling, calcium signaling, cAMP signaling, genome editing, CRISPR/Cas, environmental sensing, differentiation, host-parasite interactions.
Headshot of John E. Layne

John E. Layne

Associate Professor, A&S Biological Sciences

800O Rieveschl Hall


SBBE, Behavioral neurobiology and sensory ecology; vision in natural habitats; control systems in visual guidance; animal orientation and navigation
Headshot of David L Lentz

David L Lentz

Professor , A&S Biological Sciences

731 Rieveschl Hall


Headshot of Stephen F. Matter

Stephen F. Matter

Associate Professor, A&S Biological Sciences

731I Rieveschl Hall


School for the Environment and Susatinability
Department of Biological Sciences, ECBR, SBBE
Ecology; Population Ecology; Metapopulation Dynamics; Dispersal Behavior; Community Patterns and Dynamics; Insect Plant Interactions; Modelling
Headshot of Nathan Isaiah Morehouse

Nathan Isaiah Morehouse

Associate Professor, A&S Biological Sciences

711H Rieveschl Hall


SBBE, visual and behavioral ecology of butterflies and jumping spiders, coevolutionary dynamics of reproductive traits, nutritional ecology, life history evolution, sexual selection theory, art-science collaborations, http://www.morehouselab.com
Headshot of Kenneth Petren

Kenneth Petren

Professor, A&S Biological Sciences

800C Rieveschl Hall


Headshot of Michal Polak

Michal Polak

Professor , A&S Biological Sciences

820A Rieveschl Hall


Please go here http://polaklab.org/ to learn more about the lab.

SBBE, Behavior, Sexual Selection; Insect Mating Systems; Insect Host-Parasite Biology; Evolution
Headshot of Stephanie M. Rollmann

Stephanie M. Rollmann

Professor, interim-Dept. Head, A&S Biological Sciences

800D Rieveschl Hall


Please visit the Rollmann Lab site
Genetics and neurobiology of behavior, olfaction; chemical ecology
Headshot of Annette  Ruth  Rowe

Annette Ruth Rowe

Assistant Professor , A&S Biological Sciences

731F Rieveschl Hall


Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Water Quality, Alternative Energy, Electromicrobiology, Electrosynthesis, Microbe-mineral Interactions, Anaerobic Microbiology, Microbial Ecology
Headshot of Eric  J Tepe

Eric J Tepe

Associate Professor
Curator of the Herbarium
, A&S Biological Sciences

703B Rieveschl Hall


Plant systematics, including taxonomy, phylogenetics, biogeography, and diversification of “giant genera” – those with over 1000 species – including Piper (Piperaceae) and Solanum (Solanaceae).  Evolution of ant-plant associations.  Visit my webpage for more details.  Click here for the CINC herbarium webpage.
Headshot of George W Uetz

George W Uetz

Professor , A&S Biological Sciences

851f Rieveschl Hall


ECBR, SBBE, Behavioral ecology, arachnology: multi-modal communication and sexual selection in wolf spiders; social behavior in colonial web-building spiders.
Headshot of Dieter Frans S. Vanderelst

Dieter Frans S. Vanderelst

Biology-Mechanical Engineering-Electrical Engineering-Psychology (jointly appointed), A&S Biological Sciences

820G Rieveschl Hall


SBBE, Sensory ecology, models of bat echolocation and flight control, robotic and computational models of animal behaviour and perception. Models of human cognition.