Tenure-Track Faculty

Headshot of Joshua B Benoit

Joshua B Benoit

Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

711D Rieveschl Hall


Insect stress tolerance, hormonal regulation of metabolism, reproductive physiology, molecular physiology, transcriptomics, insect-microbe interactions and vector biology
Headshot of Daniel R. Buchholz

Daniel R. Buchholz

Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

711A Rieveschl Hall


Role of hormones in development and evolution, frog metamorphosis, comparative endocrinology

Lab website: https://letfrogshelpman.wixsite.com/thefroglab
Headshot of Elke K. Buschbeck

Elke K. Buschbeck

Professor, Biological Sciences

800Q Rieveschl Hall


Please see: http://buschbecklab.com for more information
SBBE, Evolution and development of arthropod visual systems: Neuroethology, insect neurobiology, physiology, optics, behavior, molecular biology, evolution
Headshot of Theresa M. Culley

Theresa M. Culley

Professor, Department Head, Biological Sciences

703 Rieveschl Hall


See https://culleylab.com for more information. Topics: Plant population biology and genetics, especially of invasive and endangered species; integrative taxonomy; evolution of breeding systems, especially cleistogamy and dioecy; ecological and genetic effects of habitat fragmentation.
Headshot of Ronald W. DeBry

Ronald W. DeBry

Associate Professor
Graduate Director
, Biological Sciences

711I Rieveschl Hall


ECBR, Molecular evolution; experimental evolution; forensic entomology; phylogeny; systematics; evolution of mammals; DNA sequence analysis; rodent systematics; dipteran systematics
Headshot of Edwin R Griff

Edwin R Griff

Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Neurobiology and electrophysiology of the vertebrate olfactory bulb; analysis of mitral cell responses; the role of centrifugal inputs to the bulb; olfactory transduction; anatomy and physiology educational research; electrophysiology of the vertebrate retina; interactions between photoreceptors and the retinal pigment epithelium
Headshot of Dennis W. Grogan

Dennis W. Grogan

Professor, Biological Sciences

820H Rieveschl Hall


ECBR, Genetics and molecular biology of hyperthermophiles; DNA damage and repair in Sulfolobus; mutation and genetic exchange in geothermal environments.
Headshot of Kathleen Elizabeth Grogan

Kathleen Elizabeth Grogan

Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Braunstein Hall


Headshot of Joshua B Gross

Joshua B Gross

Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

711B Rieveschl Hall


ECBR, SBBE, Evolution and development of vertebrates; Evolutionary genetics of natural populations; Cave biology; Genetic basis for phenotypic changes; Mexican cave tetra, Astyanax mexicanus
Headshot of Patrick Anthony Guerra

Patrick Anthony Guerra

Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

422QC Rieveschl Hall


SBBE; sensory ecology; orientation and navigation mechanisms; animal architecture; animal movement patterns and life history traits; insect flight; cocoon construction; circadian biology; biomimetics
Headshot of Elizabeth A Hobson

Elizabeth A Hobson

Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Rieveschl Hall


Please visit http://hobsonresearch.com for more information
Headshot of Bruce C Jayne

Bruce C Jayne

Professor, Biological Sciences

851T Rieveschl Hall


ECBR, SBBE, Functional morphology; evolution of behavior, structure and function; neuromuscular basis of the locomotion of ectothermic vertebrates; herpetology; natural history and ecology of reptiles
Headshot of Richard Karp

Richard Karp

Academic Director, Professor, Biological Sciences

851J-C Rieveschl Hall


Immunology; evolution of the adaptive immune response, cellular and humoral immune responses in insects; allergic asthma induced by cockroach antigens
Headshot of Brian Kinkle

Brian Kinkle

, Biological Sciences

603B Rieveschl Hall


Microbial ecology: xenobiotic biodegradation, microbe-heavy metal interactions, rhizosphere microbiology, groundwater microbiology, bacterial population genetics
Headshot of Noelia Marina Lander

Noelia Marina Lander

Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Rieveschl Hall


Research topics: Molecular Parasitology, trypanosomes, Trypanosoma cruzi, Chagas disease, cell signaling, calcium signaling, cAMP signaling, genome editing, CRISPR/Cas, environmental sensing, differentiation, host-parasite interactions.
Headshot of John E. Layne

John E. Layne

Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

800O Rieveschl Hall


SBBE, Behavioral neurobiology and sensory ecology; vision in natural habitats; control systems in visual guidance; animal orientation and navigation
Headshot of David L Lentz

David L Lentz

Professor and Executive Director, UC Center for Field Studies , Biological Sciences

731 Rieveschl Hall


ECBR, Historical ecology, field botany, plant domestication, population genetics and paleoethnobotany of North America, Central Asia and the Neotropics
Click here for information about the UC Center for Field Studies
Headshot of Stephen F. Matter

Stephen F. Matter

Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

731I Rieveschl Hall


ECBR, SBBE Ecology; Population Ecology; Metapopulation Dynamics; Dispersal Behavior; Community Patterns and Dynamics; Insect Plant Interactions; Modelling
Headshot of Nathan Isaiah Morehouse

Nathan Isaiah Morehouse

Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

711H Rieveschl Hall


SBBE, visual and behavioral ecology of butterflies and jumping spiders, coevolutionary dynamics of reproductive traits, nutritional ecology, life history evolution, sexual selection theory, art-science collaborations, http://www.morehouselab.com
Headshot of Kenneth Petren

Kenneth Petren

Professor, Biological Sciences

800C Rieveschl Hall


Evolutionary ecology: Landscape genomics, migration, speciaiton, adaptation, invasive species, behavior, island systems, "ancient" DNA, vertebrates, Darwin's finches and lizards.
Headshot of Michal Polak

Michal Polak

Professor , Biological Sciences

820A Rieveschl Hall


Please go here http://polaklab.org/ to learn more about the lab.

SBBE, Behavior, Sexual Selection; Insect Mating Systems; Insect Host-Parasite Biology; Evolution
Headshot of Stephanie M. Rollmann

Stephanie M. Rollmann

Professor, Assistant Dept. Head, Biological Sciences

800D Rieveschl Hall


Please visit the Rollmann Lab site
Genetics and neurobiology of behavior, olfaction; chemical ecology
Headshot of Annette  Ruth  Rowe

Annette Ruth Rowe

Assistant Professor , Biological Sciences

731F Rieveschl Hall


Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Water Quality, Alternative Energy, Electromicrobiology, Electrosynthesis, Microbe-mineral Interactions, Anaerobic Microbiology, Microbial Ecology
Headshot of Eric  J Tepe

Eric J Tepe

Assistant Professor
Curator of the Herbarium
, Biological Sciences

703B Rieveschl Hall


Plant systematics, including taxonomy, phylogenetics, biogeography, and diversification of “giant genera” – those with over 1000 species – including Piper (Piperaceae) and Solanum (Solanaceae).  Evolution of ant-plant associations.  Visit my webpage for more details.  Click here for the CINC herbarium webpage.
Headshot of George W Uetz

George W Uetz

Professor , Biological Sciences

851f Rieveschl Hall


ECBR, SBBE, Behavioral ecology, arachnology: multi-modal communication and sexual selection in wolf spiders; social behavior in colonial web-building spiders.
Headshot of Dieter Frans S. Vanderelst

Dieter Frans S. Vanderelst

Psychology-Biology-Mechanical Engineering-Electrical Engineering (jointly appointed), Biological Sciences

45150J EDWARDS 1 Edwards Center


SBBE, Sensory ecology, models of bat echolocation and flight control, robotic and computational models of animal behaviour and perception. Models of human cognition.