Special Opportunities

Acknowledgement of Excellence

The Communication program proudly recognizes outstanding academic performance in the classroom. Students displaying exceptional effort in 3000-level and above undergraduate courses can be acknowledged by their instructor.

Letters of commendation can be earned through the standard academic calendar (Fall and Spring Semesters) and are personalized with the scholar's name, course title, and nominating professor.

Questions about letters of commendation may be directed to LisaMarie Luccioni at lisamarie.luccioni@uc.edu.

All graduating Communication majors, who earn a 3.4 GPA or above in the major, earn "Honors" status. All graduating Communication majors who earn a 3.66 in the major will earn "High Honors" status. Students will be designated with their program honors on their official UC transcript.

Service Learning and Civic Engagement

Service-Learning gives students the opportunity to utilize the skills they have learned in the real world. Read more about how Service-Learning can enhance your education.

Independent Study

The Communication program provides its majors with opportunities to pursue independent projects in conjunction with members of the faculty. To undertake an independent study, you must be a communication major. You must register for COMM3092 (Project in Communication). In planning the project, you must fill out a standardized contract form describing project goals and outcomes. The form must be signed by a member of the communication faculty who agrees to supervise the project. The form must then be turned in to the communication office (137 Arts & Sciences Hall) by the end of the first week of the semester. A copy of the form will be placed in the student's file.