Undergraduate Program in Statistics

Starting Fall 2022, the Department of Mathematical Sciences offers a new Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics and Minor in Statistics. Courses and training in statistics provide students with cutting-edge data science knowledge and skills. 

Major in Statistics

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers a major leading to the Bachelor of Science degree (BS) in Statistics. Students can choose to take a major in statistics after completing their first year. 

Minor in Statistics

The minor in statistics will let students with their major fields of study equip statistical and data analytical skills. The statistical and data analysis knowledge and skills assist the students to better prepare for a career in their chosen field or graduate studies where quantitative analysis skills play an important role. Examples of undergraduate majors and graduate studies favoring statistics and data analytics include (but are not limited to) quantitative psychology, quantitative marketing and economics, systematic biology, sports analytics, and so on. 


Questions? Contact Dr. Hang Kim at hang.kim@uc.edu.


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