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Professional writing is everywhere. You can find it, of course, in books, newspapers, magazines, brochures, newsletters, and reports. But you can also find it in television or radio programs, on the Internet, in theater programs, on branding materials, in educational products, on the walls of museums, and in public service announcements.

Communication is a necessary part of every public endeavour. Therefore, professional writers work in almost every field imaginable: publishing, government, science, medicine, journalism, law, politics, education, community advocacy, corporate communications, public relations, non-profit organizations, finance, and the arts.

The classes offered by the Professional Writing program enhance skills that are useful to a variety of professions. Chances are, one of the program's courses meets your interests and can advance you toward your professional goals.

And signing up for a course has never been easier. Current students of the university need only sign up for courses the way they normally do. If you aren't a student at the University, signing up for a course is as easy as