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Headshot of JeMiah Baht Israel

JeMiah Baht Israel

Graduate Assistant, Anthropology

JeMiah Baht Israel is a first-year Doctoral student in the Department of History at the University of Cincinnati. She is a proud recipient of the John C. Court Archaeological Fellowship from 2020-2022 which contributed to the completion of a MA in Anthropology with a focus on the Archaeology of the African Diaspora/Plantation Archaeology.

The focus of her MA thesis (Critical Race Theory and Enslavement at the Dinsmore Plantation) is the enslavement of Africans and African Americans at the Dinsmore Plantation in Boone County, Kentucky. JeMiah’s research used archival records and archaeological methods to examine enslavement from the perspective of those who were enslaved. The purpose of this research is to give a voice to those who were enslaved on the Dinsmore plantation and to advocate for the importance of educating the community about the history and truth of what took place at this site.

Ultimately, JeMiah’s goal is become a tenured professor in African American History with a research focus on the period of the enslavement of African and African Americans. It is also her fervent hope to use doctorate education in History to help resolve contemporary problems that plague the African American community.
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Dylan Craig Carter

Graduate Assistant, Anthropology

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Sean Kenyon Deryck

Graduate Assistant, Anthropology

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Adam Russell Ehdaie


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Louis John Herzner

Graduate Assistant, Anthropology

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Lillian Elaine Hinckley

Graduate Assistant, Anthropology

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Julia Barbieri Martini

Graduate Assistant, Anthropology

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Kathryn Irene Timm

Student Worker, Anthropology

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Dylan Steele Zedaker