Summer Research Outside Dept.

Undergraduate chemistry majors at UC have multiple opportunities to conduct research during the summer months. Often, summer is the best time to do research, since large blocks of time are available. At UC, options include joining a research group in the department for the summer (see also Undergraduate Research page) through Chem. 499. Also, some faculty also have grant funds available to provide some financial support in the summer. Female chemistry majors may also apply to the WISE program (Women in Science and Engineering) for a summer research fellowship. Applications are usually due by February 1 for the upcoming summer. Students with an interest in the biochemical sciences may also wish to explore summer research opportunities in the College of Medicine.

In addition, many universities around the country conduct REU programs (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) sponsored by the National Science Foundation. These programs provide the possibility to go to another university for the summer, conduct research and receive a stipend. REU programs are an excellent means to broaden one's research background, particularly for students interested in pursuing graduate studies in chemistry. A current list of REU programs can be found at: While acceptance into these programs is very competitive, the programs are also very beneficial.