Consider supporting our students and mission through the Mathematical Sciences Department’s scholarships and endowment funds: 

I.A. and Fannie R. Barnett Memorial Fund: To support the annual Barnett Lecture in Mathematics, including invited speaker's travel costs, honorarium, and entertainment expenses (dinner with lecturer, Barnett family members, and some Department faculty).

Deddens & Minda Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment Fund: Originally established as the Hancock Undergraduate Scholarship by Jim Deddens, David Minda, and James Osterburg in honor of Dr. Harris Hancock. It provided scholarship funds to undergraduate mathematics majors/second majors. In January 2023, Jim Deddens and David Minda had the fund renamed and updated the purpose of this fund to provide scholarships to undergraduate majors in the Department of Mathematical Sciences (majoring in Mathematics or Statistics). This award will be based on academic achievement in departmental classes and recommendations of faculty members. It is renewable, provided the recipient maintains eligibility.

Natalie Feld Scholarship Awards Fund: Established August 1999 by the Natalie Feld Trust, it provides for one or more annual scholarships to be awarded to students in Mathematical Sciences.  Scholarships shall be made available for students for his/her junior or senior year, or for both years. 

Jeanne Gulden Scholarship in Mathematics: Established December 1993 by Mrs. Judith F. Ross in memory of her daughter, it provides an annual prize to the member of the junior and senior class with the most outstanding achievement in mathematical sciences.

Harry S. Kieval Mathematics Fund: Established in December 1994 by the estate of Harry S. Kieval, it provides scholarship funds to undergraduate mathematics majors/second majors based on academic merit and need of the recipient. 

Maita F. Levine Memorial Endowment Fund: To support those majoring in mathematical sciences. Uses include but are not limited to:

  • Undergraduate scholarships (with a strong preference for female students). Recipients must maintain a 3.0 GPA (on 4.0 scale) in their major. 
  • Graduate and Undergraduate summer research fellowships, annual prizes for outstanding graduate students, and student expenses for conferences and seminars.    

Mathematical Sciences Discretionary Fund: Uses include but are not limited to new faculty relocation expense reimbursement, coordinated courses grading sessions refreshments, conferences and lectures subsidy such as reception costs (particularly those not allowed on UC funds), and a wide variety of other department expenses.    

Charles N. Moore Memorial Fund in Mathematics: Established in May 1970 by various donors in memory of Mr. Moore, the fund is to provide an annual book prize to a student in mathematics.

Raymond H. Rolwing Mathematics Scholarship Fund: To provide an annual scholarship for a student majoring in mathematics who has achieved the class standing of junior. Recipient must have at least a 2.5 GPA. Recipient must have demonstrated financial need. 

How to donate:

How to donate via payroll deduction (for UC employees only):

In every department of the College of Arts and Sciences, gifts enable us to better serve our students, faculty and entire college community. They help support a wide array of programs and services, including undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships. The following are the greatest needs by the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

  • Scholarships
  • Student research and travel support

For more information on ways to support the students, faculty and programs of the Department of Mathematical Sciences, please contact Paul Print, Executive Diretcor of Development, at 513-558-4723, or at