Professional Writing Advisory Board

Cassandra Barnes
Senior Communications Specialist, Development
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center 

Michael Batdorf
Sales Support Executive
Messer Construction 

Tricia Bath
Strategy Director

Rebecca Guerin
Coordinator, Safe‐Skilled‐Ready Workforce Program

Stephanie Hendrixson
Associate Editor, Additive Manufacturing
Assistant Editor, Modern Machine Shop
Gardner Business Media Inc.

Nick Kelly
Digital Marketing Director

Kathryn Lee
Project Manager and Communications Specialist
Accelerated Business Results

Julia Mace
Senior Communications Officer
The Greater Cincinnati Foundation 

Alison Sampson
Public Information Officer
Academic Health Center‐Public Relations, University of Cincinnati 

Will Sikes
Director of Marketing and Communications
Western‐Southern Open

Ryan Varney
Web Content Coordinator, Research Administration
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Rich Walburg
Communications Director
Cincinnati USA Chamber of Commerce

Kathy Wekselman
Senior Director, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs
CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services

Photo of Zach Sisler

Zach Sisler, RPW major

As a second-year student taking PW courses, I recently had the opportunity to meet with Michael Batdorf, a sales support executive at Messer and a member of the PW advisory board.  The reason for the meeting was that I was tasked with interviewing a PW advisory board member to gain insight on how the PW practices and techniques I am learning now apply to careers and life beyond college.  Mr. Batdorf went above and beyond simply allowing me to ask him some questions, he brought me to his workplace and gave me a full tour of the building.  He introduced me to some of his coworkers, including members of the marketing team (relevant because I am also studying marketing).  Mr. Batdorf showed me many examples of what he does at Messer, and the ways he applies professional composition and graphic design into the projects he oversees. 

I believe that having the opportunity to connect with Mr. Batdorf was an amazing experience, and it opened a whole new career path in the professional writing community that I did not even know existed beforehand.  I look forward to learning even more from him in the future, and I am thankful that I was able to gain such a valuable experience and connection due to my affiliation with the PW program!

-Zach Sisler, RPW major