Statistics Consulting Center

The Statistics Consulting Center (SCC) is a service center under the Division of Statistics and Data Science in the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Mission: Foster interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers at UC with interest in statistical data analysis.

SCC  currently provides free statistical consulting service to faculty, and graduate students working under supervision of faculty at the University of Cincinnati for their research. SCC  is currently in the development phase and has limited resources but will strive to provide as much support as possible, and will respond to requests for support in a timely manner.

Faculty or graduate students needing help may stop by without appointment during a virtual "walk-in" Stat Consulting clinic hours published below, or, request a scheduled  virtual or in-person appointment by filling in the request form below. Both clinic hours and the scheduled appointment are always held by a senior faculty affiliated with SCC. Students consultant may sit in sessions as part of their training.

List of Statistical Methods on which SCC currently provides consulting services:

We expect to provide assistant in the areas such as:

  • Experimental Design
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Model fitting
  • Interpretation of the Results

This year, SCC will be supported by the Faculty Enrichment Center (FEC) and will offer all its services virtually and in-person. Researchers can obtain consulting services  by appointment or by "walk-in" service as described below.

Virtual "Walk-in" Stat Consulting Clinic

Here, researchers can stop by to get quick help with short questions regarding their statistical analysis – such as to find out which statistical methods to use or to meet with the consultant and discuss the scope of help that SCC can provide for their projects.

No appointment is needed. 

  • "Walk-In" Hours: Fridays 3:00pm-5:00pm

Please send email to You will receive a response by email with a link for a virtual meeting.

Virtual and In-Person Stat Consulting by Appointment

Researchers requiring more time to discuss their statistical analysis needs of their project are encouraged to seek an appointment by submitting a request form. A faculty of the Division of Statistics and Data Science affiliated with SCC will respond to the request within a short time. In your request form, please indicate if you would like to meet in person or virtually. 

Appointments will be set up during the following hours:

  • Monday, 1:30-5:30pm in 5322 French Hall West (Virtual & In-person service)
  • Tuesday, 12:30-4:30pm in FEC center (In-person)

We encourage you to drop by, at the early stage of your research, and also to feel free to bring data, background information, prior analyses, or any other relevant materials, at any stage.

If you are a graduate student, it is important that you obtain permission from your faculty advisor before reaching out to SCC for help.