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Anthropologists study the diverse origins, evolutionary pathways, and contemporary lives of humans across the globe, including their impacts on one another and the planet. As careful observers of humans in their everyday surroundings, anthropologists often conduct intensive fieldwork to understand the complex interplays between individuals and the world around them. At UC, anthropologists are decidedly interdisciplinary, investigating various aspects of the human condition by using genetic information, artifacts, isotopes, interviews, and personal narratives.

Anthropologists have an unbounded view of human history and evolution. They investigate how societies, cultures, and our species have changed over time and use this knowledge to advocate for a more equitable and just future. A degree in Anthropology from UC provides you with a unique combination of analytical skills and firsthand engagement with the complexities of global human diversity. 

Anthropology students at UC actively participate in faculty research in labs and field sites locally, nationally, and internationally. They also have the opportunity to pursue their own independent research and receive funding, credit, or both to do so. As a department that spans the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences, students in our program can seek funding from a range of sources, from departmental STEM Awards to Taft Research Fellowships. 

Fall Events

8/29 Anthropology Social Hour
Braunstein Atrium, 1–2pm 

9/6 Graduate Student meet and Greet
Graduate Student Lounge, 2:30–3:30

9/12 Lunch with the Head
Braunstein Atrium, 12–1pm 

10/9 Lunch with the Head
Braunstein Atrium, 12–1pm 

10/16 Anthropology Social Hour
Braunstein Atrium, 4–5pm 

10/25 Colloquium on Justice: Andrew Newman (Wayne State University) 
A People’s Atlas of Detroit: Collaboration, Research, and the Right to the City
Taft Research Center, 3pm 

11/5 Lunch with the Head
Braunstein Atrium, 12–1pm 

11/29 Colloquium on Justice: Holly Cusack-McVeigh (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis) 
Breaking New Ground: A Collaborative Approach to Repatriation and Social Justice 
Taft Research Center, 3pm 

12/6 Anthropology Social Hour
Braunstein Atrium, 2:30–3:30pm 

Spring Events

1/24 Colloquium on Justice: Ilana Gershon (Indiana University Bloomington) 
What Makes a Good Worker or Good Boss? How Undercover Boss Answers 
Taft Research Center, 3pm 

2/7 Colloquium on Justice: Ashley Lucas (University of Michigan) 
Art and Activism in Prisons
Taft Research Center, 3pm 

2/21 Colloquium on Justice: Juno Salazar Parreñas (The Ohio State University) 
What of Justice Beyond Humanity in an Age of Extinction? On Sharing Ecological Loss in Sarawak, Malaysia
Taft Research Center, 3pm 

4/18 Colloquium on Justice: Julia Ravenscroft (University of Kentucky) 
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Environmental Contamination, Dietary Patterns, and Health
Taft Research Center, 3pm