Spring Semester, 2023

Friday at 3:35 pm in Braunstein 301 and online via Zoom. Please contact the colloquium coordinator for the link.

Coordinator: Reza Soltanian,

Schedule of Presentations



Presentation Topic(s)

Jan. 20


Graduate Student Presentations

Lilja Carden - Investigating Unionida shells as archives of freshwater biological responses to anthropogenic stressors.

Aaron Fletcher - Using thermal imaging to determine patterns of hyporheic exchange in an urban stream.

Ian Forsythe - Investigating biotic responses to environmental perturbations: Insights from the Late Ordovician of Eastern Laurentia

Jan. 27

Mr. Robert Bilott, Taft Stettinius & Hollister, LLP
The history and future of worldwide PFAS "forever chemicals" contamination

Feb. 10

Graduate Student Presentations

Andrew Hensley - A multi-isotopic investigation into recently extinct rodents from the Tiburon Peninsula of Haiti.

Cody Kessler - Using electrical geophysics to characterize groundwater-surfacewater interaction in an urban karst system

Feb. 24

Dr. Michelle Gevedon, Colorado College

Title TBA

Mar. 10

Graduate Student Presentations

Samantha Niewierowski - Diatoms and their role in the seasonality hypothesis

Brianna Orrill - TBA

Elizabeth Shade - Flourescence in diamonds

Mar. 24


Dr. Thomas Buscheck, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Underground storage of natural gas, hydrogen, and hydrogen/natural gas mixtures

Apr. 7

Graduate Student Presentations

Vincent Nowaczewski - The sensitivity of patterns of tectonic stress and strain to the shape of Laurentia in models of ancestral Rocky Mountain orogeny

Maddie Gaetano -Shed female antlers as mineral reserves for nursing caribou

Hans Naake - Exploring the relationship between diatom biomarkers and communities

Apr. 21

Dr. Michael Brooke, US EPA, Oklahoma Office

Title TBA