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School of Communication, Film, and Media Studies

The School of Communication, Film, and Media Studies (SCFMS) is a new academic unit in the College of Arts and Sciences. The school brings together the undergraduate majors of Communication, the Digital Media Collaborative, Film and Media Studies, and Public Relations, as well as three graduate programs, two minors, and several certificates. 

SCFMS offers options for those wishing to pursue both undergraduate and graduate degrees. The school offers a diverse array of courses, student groups, leadership opportunities, scholarships, study abroad trips, internships, the possibility to co-op, exciting events, alumni mentorship, undergraduate research opportunities, and much more. Our research-based learning environment places an emphasis on the importance of critical thinking, hands-on learning, ethics, and social impact.

Our acclaimed and award-winning faculty create an environment where theory and practice meet to provide our students a skill set that will help them stand out on the job or succeed in continuing their education. 

The SCFMS will provide critical and applied training experience for students as they study communication, film, media, and culture expressed in a variety of messages, texts, products, and platforms. The SCFMS’ multiple degree programs and certificates will focus on intersections between theory and criticism, production, and social impact. 

The SCFMS will serve as a hub that facilitates interdisciplinary research and creative activity among faculty members and students across the college, incorporating humanities and social sciences approaches to Communication and media studies. 

We invite you to learn more about our school and reach out with questions.


UC grad turns humanities degree into entrepreneurial success

May 14, 2024

Growing up on Ludlow Ave. in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Clifton, Harrison Fowler had planned to enroll in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) at the University of Cincinnati. UC was close to home, and ROTC seemed like the right choice. But life had other plans. At the last minute, Fowler withdrew from ROTC and enrolled to earn his bachelor’s in Spanish, which meant he needed a study-abroad experience to complete his degree. He was apprehensive, but completed his requirement in Madrid, in a move that would change the direction of his life. Says Fowler of his foreign-language major, and his experience abroad: “Speaking another language opens up a whole other world and relationships for you.”


The Verge: The teens making friends with AI chatbots

May 9, 2024

Kelly Merrill, an assistant professor of health communications and technology in the University of Cincinnati's College of Arts and Sciences, was cited in an article on teen use of AI chatbots for friendship and therapy purposes. Merrill, who studies the mental and social health benefits of communication technologies, told The Verge that extensive research has been conducted on AI chatbots that provide mental health support, and the results are largely positive.


From communication degree to corporate entrepreneur

May 8, 2024

Many communication and public relations majors have careers in mind before they graduate from college, but few may aspire to careers in logistics. But Nick Reasoner, who graduated from UC’s College of Arts and Sciences with degrees in both, forged his path there, and went on to found TransLoop, an award-winning third-party logistics firm. Headquartered in Chicago, TransLoop now has five additional locations, from Nashville to Ft. Lauderdale to Denver. Since its founding, the company has taken the number 12 spot on Inc. 5000’s list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in America, and Reasoner has been named to Business Elite’s 40 Under 40.

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