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Headshot of Zvi Biener

Zvi Biener

Assistant Professor , A&S Philosophy

261B McMicken Hall


I work primarily on early-modern conceptions of the unity of science and the large-scale structure of fields of knowledge. In particular, I am interested in how early-modern conceptions the unity of knowledge were used to justify the authority of philosophy over the physical sciences. This research consists of three overlapping areas: early-modern views regarding the reduction and dependence of branches of knowledge to/on one another, forms of demonstration and deduction in the new early-modern sciences, and the metaphysical underpinnings of those sciences.

When not an academic, I work on web-related projects or code, compile, and generally make a mess with programming languages. My computer concerns mirror my academic concerns: I like thinking about how knowledge is organized in the computer age, and spend way too much time exploring database and information management technologies.

Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh 2008 (History and Philosophy of Science)

M.A., University of Pittsburgh 2005 (Philosophy)

B.A., Rutgers University 1995 (Physics)

B.A., Rutgers University 1995 (Philosophy)

Research Support

Grant: #URC AHSS Faculty Stipend Awards AY2015-16 Investigators:Biener, Zvi 05-01-2016 -04-30-2017 UC's University Research Council The Genesis and Reception of the Rules of Philosophizing, and What They Say about Contemporary Physicists and Philosophers Role:PI $6,000.00 Active Level:Internal UC


Awesome, Newton, Galileo, Empiricism, Rationalism, Speculative Philosophy, Philosophy, Physics, Descartes, Hobbes, Locke

Preferred Information

Assistant Professor, Biener, Zvi

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Vanessa Carbonell

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Obed J. Wilson Professor of Ethics , A&S Philosophy

206D McMicken Hall


Vanessa Carbonell works at the intersection of ethical theory, metaethics, and moral psychology. She is particularly interested in moral agents (both ordinary and extraordinary) and how they navigate the moral landscape. This has led her to write about moral saints, moral motivation, moral sacrifice, and the relationship between knowledge and moral obligation. She also has research and teaching interests in bioethics and family ethics. For more information, including links to papers, visit Carbonell's personal website


Ph.D, University of Michigan 2009 (Philosophy)

B.A., Wesleyan University 2003 (Philosophy)

Research Support

Grant: #URC AHSS Faculty Stipend Awards AY2015-16 Investigators:Carbonell, Vanessa 05-01-2016 -04-30-2017 UC's University Research Council Moral Dilemmas in Dementia Care Role:PI $6,000.00 Active Level:Internal UC

Preferred Information

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Obed J. Wilson Professor of Ethics,

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Anthony P Chemero

Professor of Philosophy and Psychology , A&S Philosophy

McMicken Hall


Tony Chemero got his Ph.D. in Philosophy and Cognitive Science from Indiana University in 1999.  From then to 2012, he taught at Franklin & Marshall College (F&M), where he was Professor of Psychology.  In 2012, he became Professor of Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Cincinnati. 
Tony’s research is both philosophical and empirical.  It is focused on questions related to dynamical modeling, ecological psychology, artificial life and complex systems. He is author of more than 70 articles and the book Radical Embodied Cognitive Science (2009, MIT Press), which was a finalist for the Lakatos Award.  His second book, co-authored with Stephan Kaufer, will appear on Polity Press.  He is currently editing the second edition of the MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences.

For more infomrmation, see Tony's pages at or google scholar

Ph.D., Indiana University 1999 (Philosophy and Cognitive Science)

B.A., Tufts University 1991 (Philosophy)

Preferred Information

Professor of Philosophy and Psychology , Chemero, Tony Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Science

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Lawrence J Jost

Ethics, Ancient Philosophy, Marx , A&S Philosophy

259A McMicken Hall



B.A., St. Joan Fisher College Rochester, N.Y., 1966 (Philosophy (with high honors))

M.A., University of Chicago 1967 (Philosophy)

Ph.D., University of Toronto 1973

Research Support

2003 Taft Publications Committee Subvention Grant to help defray publication costs of Eudaimonia & Well-Being: Ancient and Modern Conceptions $1000

1993 NEH Grant for the "Wealth and Values" Summer Seminar at UC

1990 -1991 Taft Grant-in-Aid for research expenses while at Oxford University

1989 NEH and Taft Travel to Collection Grant for research on manuscripts of The Eudemian Ethics of Aristotle at the Archiv Aristoteles, Die Freie Universität, Berlin; supplemented by a Taft grant for research.

1988 University of New Hampshire N