Student & Alumni Experiences

Nick Kelly

Photo of Nick Kelly

My time in the MA program was the most valuable two years of my formal education. When I started, I had a passion for writing but no idea how to turn that passion into a career. The coursework helped me become a better writer, and it exposed me to important skills like graphic design and website development. Upon graduation, I had more direction and resume-ready skills to help me get started. Currently, I work in marketing at Kroger, and I use what I learned in the PW program every day.

Tommy Hemmer

Photo of Tommy Hemmer

Studying Professional Writing at the University of Cincinnati helped me land my dream job after graduation! With the marketing and design skills that I learned, I was able to impress the team at 50 West Brewery in Cincinnati and begin doing social media and advertising for them.

My favorite class had to be Promotional Writing, for sure. I loved looking into the theories about how consumers think and what they are most likely going to react to. That information will definitely come in handy for my future career.

Stacy Ennis

Photo of Stacy Ennis

Stacy Ennis is a book and magazine editor, writer, book coach, and speaker, as well as the author of The Editor’s Eye: A Practical Guide to Transforming Your Book from Good to Great. The book won an Idaho Author Award in 2015 for being one of the best nonfiction books written by an Idahoan.