Asian Studies Graduate Certificate

About the Program

Asia is gaining increasing economic and strategic prominence in the world, and Asian countries have rich and fascinating cultures and heritages. The Asian Studies graduate certificate is an interdisciplinary program of study about Asia, with courses in Anthropology, Art History, History, Geography, Economics, Political Science, Planning, and other fields. The certificate is a useful additional credential for students obtaining graduate degrees in the above disciplines, as well as for students in business, education, planning, engineering, law, and other areas. It is also open to those not enrolled in a degree program at UC.


To enroll in the program, applicants should submit an application fee and application form to the University of Cincinnati Graduate Office (, and should also submit the following materials to the Asian Studies director:

  1. A cover letter explaining their interest in the Asian Studies graduate certificate
  2. Scores on the GRE, LSAT, or GMAT, and transcripts of undergraduate and any previous graduate work
  3. A letter of support from the student's advisor or director of graduate studies or, for non-UC students, another reference

Submit to: Mikiko Hirayama, Director of Asian Studies and Associate Professor


The graduate certificate requires five courses from the list below - including Asia 550 and four more courses from at least two disciplines - with the recommended structure of course work as follows:

  • 1 course: Introduction to Asian Studies, Asia 550
  • 1 course in History
  • 1 course in Social Sciences (Political Science, Geography, Anthropology, Economics, Planning, Environmental Science)
  • 2 further courses in Asian Studies

In addition to the required courses, language proficiency in an Asian language is recommended.

Asian Studies Courses

ANTH 726. Ethnography of Japan
ANTH 727. Ethnography of Siberia, Central Asia & Turkey
ANTH 750. Anthropology of Religion
ANTH 774. Advanced Field Course in Archaeology: Asia

Art History
ARTH 550-551. History of Japanese Prints 1,2
ARTH 552. Modern East Asian Art
ARTH 553. Chinese Landscape Painting
ARTH 840. Vision and Visuality in Japanese Art
ARTH 841. Japanese Aesthetics

ECON 541. Economies of China & Vietnam: Transition
ECON 542. Economy of Japan: Fluctuations
ECON 543. East Asian Economies: Development and Crisis

Geography, Geology
GEOG 736. Seminar in Asian Geography
GEOG 501-02-03. Readings in Geography
Geol 590. Geology of the Himalaya

Asian Studies, Other
ASIA 550. Introduction to Asian Studies
ASIA 581-82-83. Advanced Independent Study
Additional courses as approved by the Asian Studies program

HIST 531. Women in India & China to 1800
HIST 532. Women in India & China since 1800
HIST 570,571,572. Modern Middle East
HIST 574. India to 1526
HIST 575. Indian Empires 1526-1905
HIST 576. 20th Century South Asia
HIST 661. China to the 9th Century
HIST 662. China from the 9th to 19th Century
HIST 663. Chinese History: Age of Revolution
HIST 664. Rise of Modern Japan: 1830-Present

Political Science
POL 563. Govt and Politics in China
POL 564, 764. Politics in South Asia
POL 586. Security and Conflict in Asia
POL 579/ 665. Women and Politics in the Third World
POL 568/ 668. Nationalism and Identity Politics
POL 587/ 680. Regional Politics in Asia
POL 588. US Foreign Pol: Globalization
POL 591/ 686 / 764. International Relations of East Asia
POL 769. Proseminar in Political Development

Planning, Environmental Studies
EVST 620. Conservation & Development: Devp Countries
PLAN 670/770. Planning Issues in Developing Nations