Asian Studies

Banner image of a asian style architecture
White Asian style home in Japan with a tree in front

Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students for exciting careers in the US and abroad. We offer an undergraduate major, minor, and undergraduate certificate. Our curriculum consists of Japanese and Chinese language courses in addition to a variety of content classes that focus on Asia, including: history, literature, visual arts, economics, geography, and politics

Students can design their own program of study by combining the Asian Studies degree or certificate with another major field of study. Almost all our majors and minors study abroad through programs offered by UC International. Students may also obtain internships in the Cincinnati area and or with nearby Asia-related organizations.

Through research, study abroad programs, guest lectures, and other extra-curricular events, our students develop cultural awareness and critical understanding of Asia's central role in the world.

These experiences enhance our students' competitiveness in an increasingly international marketplace including research institutions, business, industry,  federal and local government, and nonprofit organizations. The Asian Studies degree also provides a firm foundation for further graduate training or a professional degree in business, journalism, international affairs, education, or law. Moreover, our program responds to the increasing local demand for bilingual specialists, as Japan has been recognized as the foremost foreign investor in Ohio and over 120 Japanese-owened companies call Greater Cincinnati home.

Upon graduation, some students work in the Cincinnati area, some work or teach in an Asian country, and some attend graduate school.