Recent MA Projects

MA Chen Bijun Not Your Normal Marriage: How Tongqi, or Women Married to "Gay Men," Negotiate Marriage, Economy, and Culture in Contemporary China Amy Lind (chair), Deb Meem, Gergana Ivanova 2018
MA Elmeligy Nehal Making a Scene: How Young Women in Cairo Challenge Patriarchy in the Public Sphere Ashley Currier (chair), Therese Migraine-George, Carolette Norwood 2018
MA Kahle Alyssa Polyamory Self-Help Books: Creating Collective Identities and Reducing Stigmatization Therese Migraine-George (chair), Ashley Currier, Deb Meem 2018
MA Ouzounian Sol Complicating the Margins: Demonstrating the Need for a Complex Understanding of Voter Disenfranchisement Michelle McGowan (chair), Ashley Currier, Amy Lind 2018
MA Simmons Gabrielle Literature and Possibilities of Alternative Black Girlhood Carolette Norwood (chair), Valerie Weinstein, Sunnie Rucker-Chang 2018
MA Singh Aparna Women's Experiences during Natural Disasters: A Case Study of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake Carolette Norwood (chair), Laura Dudley Jenkins, Olga Sanmiguel-Valderrama 2018
MA Vaughn Edward A Language of Danger: Black Trans Women's Experiences with Verbal Violence Ashley Currier (chair), Deb Meem, Amy Lind 2018
MA Ziaee Armaghan Making Cold War Domesticities: Harry S. Truman's Point Four Program in Iran Amy Lind (chair). Ashley Currier, Therese Migraine-George 2018
MA Mazman Ayça
Politics of Women's Rights, Modernity, and an Imperial Past: A Feminist Discourse Analysis of the Current Turkish State Anne Sisson Runyan (chair), Amy Lind, Ashley Currier 2016
MA Abusway Haya Deploying the Domestic: The Utilization of Palestinian Women in Modern Warfare Carolette Norwood (chair), Frederic Cadora, Tara Maddock 2017
MA Alber Keighyn A Little Less Conversation, a Little More Action: Using the Life and Works of Sarah Schulman to Conceptualize Postmodern Activism Deb Meem (chair), Jennifer Glaser, Amy Lind 2017
MA/JD Harrison Christina Femme-inist Subversion: Challenging Misogyny, Exploring Gender Performance as Play, and Radical Feminism through Diva Drag Deb Meem (chair), Thérèse Migraine-George, Ashley Currier
MA Mason Kimberley The 1 in 3 Campaign: A Feminist Women's Health Social Movement Michelle McGowan (chair), Danielle Bessett, Ashley Currier 2017
MA Moore Payton The 19th Century Incarcerated Invert to the 21st Century Incarcerated Queer Minor: The History and Importance of Queer Resistance against the Media Establishment Deb Meem (chair), Amy Lind, Beth Ash 2017
MA Mukherjee Hemantika Turbid Waters: Shikhandi‚ƒ's Mahabharat Ashley Currier (chair), Therese Migraine-George, Michael Griffith 2017
MA El Amoor Izat Queering Teacher Inclusion in the Israeli High School System Ashley Currier (chair), Therese Migraine-George, Michal Raucher 2016
MA Barrons Samuel Transgender Groups as Site of Safetly, Visibility, and Kinship in Greater Cincinnati Therese Migraine-George (chair), Amy Lind, Ashley Currier 2016
MA Bazile Sophonie Dykeaspora: Subject Formation of Queer Haitian Women in the U.S. Diaspora Therese Migraine-George (chair), Beth Ash, Olga Sanmiguel-Valderrama, Erin Durban-Albrecht 2016
MA Clapp Morgan The Spy who Harmed Me: An Examination of Female Violence in Le Femme Nikita, Alias, and Nikita Lisa Hogeland (chair), Omotayo Banjo, Rebecca Borah 2016
MA Denney Adam Changing Plans Amy Lind (chair), Kristin Kalsem, Therese Migraine-George 2016
MA Merrill Maria "It always seems like something else is more important than the students": the Experiences of Students with Disabilities at the University of Cincinnati Michele Reutter (chair), Amy Lind, Erynn Masi de Casanova 2016
MA/JD Porter Sherry The Ohio Prison Nursery Program: A Critical Race Feminist Examination of Why Black Mothers are Denied Admission Verna Williams (chair), Janet Moore, Anne Runyan, Emily Houh 2016
MA Shupe Kyle An App to Grind: Analyzing the Discourse of Desire and Navigating Sexual Preferences on Grindr Amy Lind (chair), Marissa Oelhof, Ashley Currier 2016
MA Teut Jo Beyond the True Asexual: Queer Diversity and Inclusion within the Asexual Community Lisa Hogeland (chair), Thérèse Migraine-George, Beth Ash
MAMA Wnek Lisa Putting the Man in the Machine: A Feminist Security Studies Analysis of Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems and Militarized Hypermasculinities Anne Runyan (chair), Cristina Masters, Stephanie Sadre-Orafai, Rebecca Sanders, Eva Torner 2016
MA Zbib Cyrena I am not Haraam: How Do South African and Lebanese Queer Muslims Navigate their Religious Identity, Marriage, and Coming Out? Ashley Currier (chair), Anne Runyan, Therese Migraine-George 2016
MA Griffin Mattie Mind, Body, and Meaning: Women's Experiences and Conceptualizations of Healing in Alcoholics Anonymous Therese Migraine-George (chair), Jeffery Jacobson, Michael Brubaker, Giao Tran 2015
MA Harchaoui Courtney Constucting Masculinites in Campus Gender Violence Prevention Programming Ashley Currier (chair), Rina Williams, Erika Gasser 2015
MA Merz Emily Bargaining with the Patriarchy: Feminist Activist Sisters in the Roman Catholic Church Deb Meem (chair), Debra Meyers, John Brolley 2015
MA Montgomery Tanya Worse than Low comedy: Queering the Duke and Dauphin in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Liland S. Person (chair), Deb Meem, Lisa Hogeland 2015
MA Ratajczak Kathleen Creating Victims, Creating Survivors: The Criminal Justic System's Influence on Rape Survivor's Narratives Ashley Currier (chair), Jana Braziel, Annulla Linders 2015
MA Scarver India Neutralizing Inequalities: Hobby Loggy and Schuette in an Adverse and Anti-Intersectional Colorblind Jurisprudence Emily M.S. Houh (chair), Verna Williams, Amy Lind 2015
MA Tuesta Talia Don't Mistake Me as (In)visible: Queer Latinidades in the Midwest Amy Lind (chair), Ashley Currier, Patricia Valladares-Ruiz 2015
MA Lawrie Mia Through All of Time and Space: The Roles of Black Women in Science Fiction Television Lisa Hogeland (chair), Omotayo Banjo, Giao Trans 2014
MA Novelli Lauren Racism and Infant Mortality: Links Between Racial Stress and Adverse Birth Outcomes for African American Women and their Infants Therese Migraine-George (chair), Giao Tran, Amy Lind 2014
MA Arbogast Annabelle Aging Bodies, Sexual Subjects: Feminist Health Activism and Biomedical Constructions of Sexual (Dys)function Deb Meem (chair), Lisa Hogeland, Margery Gass 2014
MA Dorsett Niki Unworthy Bodies: A Survival Guide for Trans* Military Personnel Deb Meem (chair), Wendy Kline, Giao Tran 2014
MA Geimeier Anna Representing 'Real' Birth: YouTube as a Site of Resistance to Medicalized Childbirth Olga Sanmiguel-Valderrama (chair), Wendy Kline, Dannielle Bessett 2014
MA Maguire Sarah Out With the Old (Librarian), In With the New (Cybrarian): The Post-Disintermediation Queering of Past Assumptions and Embracing Contradictions Deb Meem (chair), Laura Micciche, Valerie Hardcastle 2014
MA Shockey Rachael Time to Shine: Negotiations of Gender, Disability, and Sport in Special-Needs Cheerleading Communities Erynn Masi de Casanova (chair), Deb Meem, Laura Nabors 2014
MA Patel Bhumika (Re)Telling the Ramayana: A Transnational Feminist Perspective" Rina Williams (chair), Myriam Chancy, Lisa Hogeland 2014
MA Patterson Corinne That is what the Democrats consider a great example of citizenship':! Sandra Fluke as a object of national fetishism Lisa Hogeland (chair), Rina Williams, Beth Ash, Trish Henley 2014
MA Manuel Rashida Bearing Whiteness: Transnational Surrogacy in the Age of Globalization" Myriam Chancy (chair), Emily Houth, Olga Sanmiguel-Valderrama 2014
MA Kaur Vinamarata Queering Sikhi: A Confessional and Cyber-Spiritual Exploration of Sikhi and Samalingakamukata through Alternative Cinema" Myriam Chancy (chair), Deb Meem, Rina Williams 2014
MA Owens Cortnie The Political Power of the Fat Selfie Beth Ash (chair), Amy Howton, Ashley Currier 2014
Katis Mercedes (Re)Negotiating Sex and Virginity Loss: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Queer Narratives of Virginity, Virginity Loss, and First Sexual Experiences" Ashley Currier (chair), Danielle Bessett, Keith King 2014