Current UC MA Students

UC MA Program Graduate Student Awards

Judith S. Trent Outstanding Graduate Research Award

This award, named for distinguished Emeriti Faculty member Judith S. Trent, recognizes outstanding research achievement by graduate students in the Communication program. Students earn this distinction through their individual or co-authored efforts in submitting papers for conference presentations and journal submissions, developing grant proposals, and other activities. Graduate students should track their efforts and assign the point totals below. If an effort is not listed that you believe is appropriate, you can consult with the Graduate Director. Awards will be assigned as earned until the end of the student's final semester in the program.

Breakdown of points by area
Area Points

Successfully Defended Thesis

5 points

Approved and Completed Praxis

2 points

UC Conference Paper

5 points

State/Regional Conference

7 points

National/International Conference

10 points

Journal Publication Sole Author

15 points

Journal Publication Co-Authored

10 points

Research Grant Submission

3 points

Research Grant Received

5 points

Research Assistant

5 points

Recognition of Achievement

10 total points

Recognition of Excellence

15 total points

Recognition of Outstanding Performance

20 total points

Graduate Teaching Award:

This award recognizes outstanding teaching by graduate students in the Communication program. Students who wish to be considered for this award should submit an application to the Graduate Teaching Coordinator. The application must include at least two semesters of student evaluation data, course syllabi, sample assignments, a statement of teaching philosophy and any additional information the student would like to add. This award will conferred by a committee led by the Graduate Teaching Coordinator. Students may include evidence of excellence in teaching as both an instructor and teaching assistant.

Teresa S. Sabourin Graduate Leadership and Service Award in Communication:

This award, named for Emeriti faculty member and former Program Head Teresa Sabourin, recognizes outstanding performance in leadership and service. Students who wish to be considered for this award should submit a brief application letter that details their leadership and service activities for the Communication program (along with supporting documentation) to the awards committee, consisting of the Program Head, Graduate Director, and a faculty member. Examples of relevant activities include GSGA leadership, mentoring of new graduate students, organizing program social activities, coordinating and attending conferences associated with the program, as well as university and community service that relates to program activities.

Applications for the College and University Graduate Teaching Award are generally due in late October. Details will be sent by the Graduate Director via email.

Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools Distinguished Thesis Award

The Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS) Distinguished Thesis Award recognizes recent master’s graduates who have demonstrated exceptional scholarship in their theses. UC full-time faculty are encouraged to nominate a recently-graduated master’s student for this award. UC will then choose one student in each category (see below) to nominate to the region-wide MAGS competition.

Nominations are generally due in October in the year following your graduation.  

Graduate Student Travel

Graduate students are encouraged to attend or participate in professional conferences. Funding sources include the Communication program Forum and GSGA. The Program Head and your GSGA representatives will provide information about these sources at the beginning of each year.